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When a Vacation Turns Sour: What to Do if You Are Injured as a Tourist in Miami or anywhere in Florida

Florida draws many tourists each year, and while most people enjoy their stay in a few instances tourists find that their vacation turns into a nightmare and they return home with serious losses and injuries rather than an album full of fun memories. Personal injuries in Miami and other Florida cities can happen in many ways during a vacation. Cruise ship accidents, for example, are a common cause of injuries for tourists. One of the most common causes of accidents for tourists and residents alike are traffic collisions. Slip and fall accidents, tour boat injuries, and other injuries are all too common.

No one goes on vacation thinking that they will be injured. Even those who research tour companies and check for safety precautions on their trip may find themselves injured on an amusement park ride or injured in some other way. These situations not only cut a vacation short, but they can be deeply intimidating.


Being injured as a tourist can be a lot more intimidating than being injured while at home. When you are traveling, you may not know local doctors, laws, or resources. You may not know your rights or where you can turn. In these cases, it is also important to act quickly to protect yourself and your family. To prevent a legal problem, you will want to:

  1. Take care of insurance before you travel. Travel insurance is a good measure of protection when you take a trip – even if your trip is just outside of your state. Call around to find the best deal and the best coverage, and be sure to read the fine print so that you understand what is covered and what is not.
  2. Get a medical evaluation if you have been injured. Even if you sustain what you think is a minor injury, it is important to get an evaluation right away. You may have suffered a hairline fracture in your slip and fall accident on your Miami trip, even if it only feels like a sprain. You may also have suffered a severe head injury if you have hit your head on an amusement park ride – even if you feel fine. Always have a medical professional check out your injuries. This ensures that you get prompt treatment, and can also ensure that the link between your injury and the cause of injury is clear.
  3. Get plenty of documentation. Get copies of medical reports, police reports, and any other documentation you can. Take photos of your injuries and the scene where the accident or injury took place, if possible. Keep a detailed and dated journal of your injuries, symptoms, and expenses. The more information you have, the more easily you can discuss your injuries with insurance companies and legal professionals.
  4. Seek legal advice right away. If you are away from home and don’t have an attorney at home, contact a local personal injury attorney in Miami or the Florida city where you are staying. Your attorney can help you preserve your rights and can even find local resources for you.

If you have been injured and would like to speak to an attorney, arrange a free consultation today by contacting Flaxman Law Group. We would be pleased to offer free legal advice about your injury.