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VR Tips to Avoid Injury

This past holiday season, VR headsets were a popular gift choice. These gadgets sold well across the country and many Homestead and Florida homes now have a headset. VR headsets allow users to play virtual reality video games or to workout in a VR environment.

Unfortunately, VR can also lead to injury. So far, minor injuries have been reported with the headsets, but the potential exists for more serious injury. If you are trying out VR, here are a few tips to stay safe:

1) Always register your headset.

You can do this in minutes by going online or by using the mail-in card generally included with the instructions. Registering with the manufacturer ensures you will be informed if there is ever a recall on your device. Given that many people are injured by defective products in Homestead and Florida each year, registration is a smart choice.

2) Build up your tolerance gradually.

Sometimes, users feel a little disoriented or strange after using VR headsets. Get used to the new device gradually and build up your tolerance for longer gaming sessions gradually.

3) Read the instructions and see a doctor if you have serious medical conditions.

If you have problems with balance or other issues, you may have a harder time balancing and avoiding collisions with objects around you. You may even be at risk of falls. In other cases, serious medical conditions can hamper your ability to use the devices safely. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions about how the VR device could impact your health.

4) Set boundaries.

Many VR headsets allow you to set boundaries in your space, keeping you from bumping into furniture and other objects. Always use this feature and set your boundaries with a little cushion around where furniture and solid objects actually are, so you stay a little safer. Giving yourself an extra foot ensures you won’t crash into furniture when you get close to your boundaries in a game.

5) Make the area around you safer.

Remove any throw rugs, objects on the floor, or small items in your space which you could walk into. Wear comfortable clothes and practical shoes so you don’t roll an ankle or fall down. Play in an unobstructed part of your home, where you can move freely. Ask others to stay out of your way when you are gaming and make sure children and pets will not be crashing into you when you are wearing the headset.

6) Sit down.

The safest way to use your VR headset is sitting down, since you’re less likely to fall or crash into something.

7) Always be alert when trying VR.

You should only try gaming with a VR system when you are well-rested, sober, and alert. If you are distracted, inebriated, or fatigued you may be more likely to fall over, blunder past boundaries and sustain an injury.

If you have been injured by a defective gaming or electronics device, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. You may have a claim that allows you to recover compensation for your damages and injuries.