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Wildfire Prevention Tips

Significant amounts of wildlife and forest in southern Florida as well as dry and hot weather can mean parts of this region are vulnerable to wildfires and out-of-control fire. Everyone has an obligation to help protect not only the wildlife but our communities from severe fire. Often, conflagrations are preventable and can be prevented with a few simple tips.


These tips will help protect you in your household from injuries and fire:

1) Have a plan of action for your family.

Your family needs an emergency fire escape strategy. This plan should be written down and reviewed by your family at least yearly. You also want to hold drills. Your fire emergency plan should review what each of your family members should do in the event of a fire, where they can go for safety, how they can escape every room in your house, and where you and your family will meet if you’re separated after a natural disaster or fire. Teach small children to stay low and get out quickly. Practice with them so they know how they can help prevent smoke inhalation and burn injuries.

2) Avoid open fires on windy, dry days.

These days are more likely to result in wildfires and even smaller fires can quickly burn out of control. Wind, especially, can carry embers far and can cause fires.

3) Know and respect the outdoor burning laws in your community.

They are there to protect you. Read up about outdoor burning laws and share them with your family so everyone knows how to stay safe.

4) Always supervise fires and grills.

It takes only a few seconds for a grill, barbecue, or open fire to rage out of control. Never leave one burning unattended.

5) Keep matches, lighters, and other fire hazards away from children.

Curious children can easily start fires and cause severe burn injuries to themselves and others. Always lock up lighter fluid, lighters, matches and other dangers away from children. Keep fireworks well out of reach and under lock and key, as well.

6) Keep your lawn and garden watered and remove dead vegetation.

Dry grass and vegetation can fuel any fires and can increase the risk of fire in your yard. Even a small spark from a barbecue can be a danger if your yard is filled with dry debris. In addition, get rid of debris under decks, in gutters, around the yard, on porches, and anywhere else it can gather. All dry debris poses a hazard.

7) Have water hoses, fire extinguishers, and sand and shovels on hand when you have a fire or grill.

This allows you to act quickly and to put out a fire if it gets out of control. Being able to act quickly can help prevent a more serious fire. Having sand and water on hand also reminds you to extinguish it fully.

8) When enjoying a fire, make sure it is completely burnt out before you leave.

Even a few burning embers can reignite the flames and cause a severe fire.

If someone’s negligence or recklessness have caused a severe fire or if you have been affected by wildfires which were caused by someone’s negligence, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your legal options and rights. Our offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami serve the entire South Florida area.