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Will Elderly Loved Ones be Visiting Your Home for the Holidays? Keep Guests Safe

At this time of year, many Hollywood and South Florida residents have guests visiting their homes. While the holidays can be a great time to see friends and family, however, keep in mind that homeowners have a duty to make their homes safe for guests. If you have elderly family members and friends visiting, especially, you will want to:


Make sure rugs don’t pose a hazard

Rugs should lie flat and have no-slip texture underneath to prevent slips. If possible, remove rugs entirely and ensure no-slip treads are installed on hard-surface floors.

Clear floor spaces

Debris and small objects pose a trip and fall hazard in many Hollywood area homes. Keep your South Florida home safer by removing toys, small step-stools, décor items and any small items from areas where guests may walk.

Ensure good lighting

Good lighting both inside and outdoors can make it easier for guests to navigate your property safely. Add lamps if your home is dim and replace any outdoor lamps which have burned out.

Offer additional help

If you have guests visiting who have mobility problems, determine whether they will need additional support when they stay with you. A part-time caretaker or other support system ensures your guests are comfortable and have a nice time while staying safer. If there are any medical problems, especially, a caregiver can be important. If you have many other guests, a caregiver can keep your guest safe and comfortable.

Trim hedges and grass near walkways

Any overhanging plants that trail onto sidewalks and walkways can pose a tripping hazard. Long grass can also hide debris on your lawn. Trim back any plant life in your yard to improve visibility.

Make sure bathrooms and bedrooms have the right supports

No-slip surfaces in tubs and showers are important, but elderly guests may also need grab bars or other supports to navigate the washroom safely.

If you have elderly guests dropping by your home, your best option is to walk through your home, checking each area for hazards. Are some areas dimly-lit, crowded, slippery or otherwise may pose a danger for someone who has medical issues? Make reasonable efforts to make your home safe and warn guests about any dangers you cannot fix.

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