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Workplace Eye Injuries in Miami Beach and Other Communities May be More Common Than You Think

Eye injuries are more common in Miami Beach and Florida workplaces than many people believe. These injuries can be caused by violence, debris, sparks, heavy machinery, or simple accidents in office. They can also be caused by falls and facial injuries caused by direct impact.

A workplace injury that affects your facial area or your eyes can affect your vision, can lead to excruciating pain, and can even end your career if you lose your vision as a result of your accident. In these cases, simply relying on workers compensation in Miami Beach or your community may not give you enough compensation to pay for your medical care, the extra personal care you will need, and the incidental expenses that you will incur.


The reality is that eye injuries are among the most devastating injuries that you can sustain. Most of us not only rely heavily on our eyesight, but we tend to take it for granted. When it is threatened by an eye injury or a work-related accident, it can be devastating.

In addition to being very upsetting, eye injuries are extremely expensive. You may have to pay for:

  • Surgery
  • Hospital stays
  • Counseling or therapy
  • Medication
  • Visits with specialists
  • Medical devices
  • Incidental expenses
  • Training
  • Occupational training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Transportation
  • Other expenses

If your eyesight is permanently affected or if you have been permanently deprived of your sight, you may find that you need to spend money to pay for basic services. Until you learn how to use braille or adjust to life with your new abilities, you may need to pay someone to read to you, help you take care of basic tasks, and help you around the house. You may have to relearn how to do everything, including your job, reading, preparing meals, and everything else. Your home may need to be extensively remodeled so that it is safer for you. You may need to pay for a lifetime of taxis and transportation so that you can get around.

The financial devastation can be considerable. In addition to this, you may need therapy or counseling to deal with the upset and the stress of losing your vision. Some people who have lost their vision become depressed or have a hard time adjusting to life after their injury.

Workers compensation, unfortunately, only covers a small portion of your expenses. It may pay for some of your medical expenses but is unlikely to pay for all of your rehabilitation and counseling, for example. It may not cover the full cost of your lost wages as you recover. However, if your injuries were caused by someone’s negligence or by a wrongful act, you may have legal options that allow you to pursue fair compensation so that you can afford quality health as you start to recover from your injuries.

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