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Workplace Stress Can Mean Serious Injuries in Hollywood and Other Cities

A long work week or a long work day can mean a lot of stress, as can deadlines, disagreements with coworkers, or an overbearing boss. While stress can seem like part of almost any job in Hialeah or Florida, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there’s more reason than ever to stay away from employment situations which cause upset.


Not only do we now know that stress is extremely bad for you, potentially putting your risk of high blood pressure, cardiac illness, and other problems, but stress may be contributing to your risk of injuries in a few important ways:

1) Workplace stress can mean distraction.

Distracted workers worried about deadlines, promotions, or a big report can end up thinking about what’s wrong – rather than focusing on the job. That could potentially lead to on-the-job injuries at your Hialeah workplace if you are thinking about your to do list or your source of stress rather than the task at hand. In addition, high stress workers may have a higher risk of car accidents before and after work. For example, studies have shown that medical residents who work long hours and often have very stressful workdays have a higher risk of car accidents before and after their shifts when compared with other drivers.

2) Stress can lead to health concerns and sleep disorders.

Staying up late because of work? That’s not good news. Late nights and early mornings can put you at risk of heart disease and other ailments but can also lead to sleep disorders and other health concerns which can make you dangerous driver. If you’re so tired after night of tossing and turning that you can barely stay awake you could easily find yourself drifting off behind the wheel and causing an accident in Hialeah or your community. If you get so stressed out that you have high blood pressure or other ailments that result in serious symptoms, that could also make you dangerous motorist.

3) Work stress can lead to drinking.

Some employees unwind after a stressful day with a drink or two. According to recent research from Finland, employees who work more than 48 hours weekly had a 13% higher chance of taking part in risky drinking (defined as more than 21 drinks per week for men and over 14 drinks weekly for women) when compared with workers who had more reasonable hours.

4) Work stress can be self-perpetuating.

Stress can lead to poor performance, worse decisions, increased sick leave, and otherwise can make it harder to get ahead in your career. This can make stress even worse, eventually leading to a deadly cycle that could result in a serious injury or health concerns.

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