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Workplace Bullying and Violence Leads to Serious Injuries in Southern Florida

According to safety experts, workplace violence and bullying often go hand-in-hand to create unsafe work environments and work injury in Homestead and other Florida communities. While a lot is said about bullying in schools, however, not enough is said – and done – about the same problem in the workplace. In fact, bullying is often seen as a problem that just affects our youth. While it is a problem that causes child injury in Homestead and other communities, ignoring it in the workplace can lead to injuries and instances of violence.

In the workplace, bullying can involve threatening behaviors, verbal abuse, disrespectful behavior, intimidation, offensive behaviors, humiliation, and other actions. Bullying is repetitive and is done intentionally, often targeting one person or one group of people.


Bullying in the workplace can create an unpleasant atmosphere at work and can contribute to:

•High worker turnover rates
•Poor performance and decreased productivity
•Negative work environment
•Business problem, including a bad image for the company or decreased profitability
•Physical violence
The biggest problem, of course, is that bullying can escalate from verbal abuse to more controlling behaviors and even physical violence. According to psychologists, adult bullies are usually people with little empathy, poor social skills, and considerable insecurities. In some cases, they may have other issues that could potentially make them violent.

One thing that allows bullying in the workplace to continue is the lack of recognition of the problem. Employees may complain about having to work with someone who is “difficult” but don’t always recognize bullying behavior. There are fewer educational campaigns about adult bulling when compared with bullying in the playground or schoolyard. In cases where the bully is a boss or other person in authority, it can be especially intimidating or challenging for workers to report the issue.

There is no doubt that workplace bullying and violence is a real problem, though. According to the Department of Labor and Industry, there were 12,827 workers murdered in their places of work between 1992 and 2010. In fact, murder is the second leading cause of fatalities in the workplace. Each year, there are about 2 million reported instances of workplace violence across the country.

If you are being bullied in the workplace, it is important to take action quickly – before the bullying can escalate to violence. It can be helpful to document the evidence of incidents and keep a list of any witnesses. Speaking with a supervisor or the HR department is also important to report the incidents. If the bullying continues and leads to violence or injury, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community.

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