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5 Things You Can Do To Prevent a Bicycle Accident in Fort Lauderdale or Your Community

Florida is ranked as one of the most dangerous states for bicyclists. Due to the high traffic, larger cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami are considered especially risky for bicycle enthusiasts. There many advantages to bicycling. It’s a great form of exercise and a wonderful way to explore the warm weather and beautiful climate of Florida. In addition, bicycling is also a greener mode of transportation. If you want to take advantage of all that bicycling has to offer but want to stay safe, experts agree that there are five things you must do:

1) Stay visible. Staying as visible as possible ensures that other motorists can see you, which is important in preventing car accidents in Fort Lauderdale and other Florida cities. Wear bright colored gear, and opt for reflective clothing if you are bicycling in poor weather conditions or at night. Make sure that your bicycle is highly visible, too. Use reflective stickers as well as lights on both the front and rear of your bicycle. There are helmets that come with special reflective features and bright lights to make you even more visible. Where possible, make eye contact with motorists to ensure that they can see you. Many bicycle-related traffic accidents in Fort Lauderdale and other Florida cities occur simply because a motorist does not see a bicycle in time.

2) Build your skills. Building your skills ensures that you have the flexibility and mobility to move quickly if you need to in order to avoid a traffic accident. Building your skills also means that you understand how to bicycle safely. If you’re just getting started with bicycling after a long break, work your way up to sharing the road with cars by bicycling on bicycle paths in parks. Then, when your skills have developed, you can try riskier paths and bicycle lanes on streets.

3) Know the rules. Stay in bike lanes where they are available. Follow all traffic signals. Bicycles are far more flexible than cars, but even though you can scoot in and out of traffic that does not mean it’s a good idea. Follow all traffic rules carefully. They are designed to protect you.

4) Do not ride distracted. Distracted driving is already a leading cause of traffic and truck accidents in Fort Lauderdale and across South Florida. While most distracted driving campaigns focus on the dangers of distracted driving, bicycling while distracted is equally dangerous. Listening to music, for example, can mean that you don’t get the important audio cues of traffic around you. Trying to text and bicycle is also extremely dangerous and is very likely to result in a serious accident. When you bicycle, make sure that your full focus is on staying safe.

5) Anticipate traffic. Scan the road around you and use mirrors to keep an eye on traffic behind you, as well. Keep a few fingers on the brakes when getting close to traffic. That way, you can react quickly if you need to.

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