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During the holiday season, truck collisions in Florida City and surrounding areas are a concern. This time of year is very busy and even with supply chain issues this year, there are more trucks on the road, which can result in truck accidents.


There are many reasons why we may see an increase in trucking collisions this holiday season:

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If you have been in a trucking collision in Homestead, Miami, or anywhere in South Florida, you need to think about your future. Due to the large size of trucks, being in this type of accident can lead to life-long head injuries, back injuries, and other life-altering damages.


Your first priority, of course, is to get medical help. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, get checked out in an emergency room or by a doctor as soon as possible. Some injuries, especially soft tissue injuries and head trauma, may not present symptoms right away even if your injuries are serious.

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Driving at night can mean poorer visibility and sleepiness, but it can also mean fewer cars on the road. Many motorists assume that there are fewer dangers on the roads at night because there is less traffic, but this is not the case. In addition to the unique risks of this time, truck drivers trying to make deadlines may be driving at night, and you may be less visible than a large big rig.


If you’re sharing the road with tractor trailers and 18-wheelers at night, you need to do everything possible to make sure truck drivers can see you. You can do this when you:

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There may types of truck accident injuries in Hollywood and across South Florida. One of the common types of injuries resulting from this type of traffic crash involves trapped passengers or crushing injuries. Both are devastating and can easily lead to fatalities, amputations and serious injury.


Crushing Injuries

Crushing injuries occur when the force of a truck collision causes crumple zones in a vehicle to collapse or causes them to be compromised. For example, if a truck T-bones a passenger car, the force of the truck can push through the side doors and windows, effectively crushing passengers against the interior of the vehicle. This can cause significant internal injuries and crushing injuries as bones, ligaments, muscles and other tissues are crushed and sometimes damaged beyond repair. Crushing injuries can lead to fatalities if they affect a major organ or body system. When the limbs are affected by crushing injuries, amputation may be the only way to save the victim’s life.

In traffic and truck accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida, fractures are a common injury. Fractures can occur if a passenger hits against a solid surface, such as a side door. They can also happen if an occupant is thrown from the vehicle or shaken vigorously enough to result in a broken arm.


In truck accidents, broken arms are a common injury in situations where a passenger throws their hands in front of their face in a protective gesture, meaning the arm takes the brunt of impact. Broken arms can also occur if the driver gets their arms caught in the wheel during an accident. As with most truck accident injuries, injuries are most common for passenger car occupants, because they are less protected than passengers in commercial trucks.

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Truck accidents often cause devastating injuries for occupants of passenger cars involved in the crash. While truck drivers are well away from the impact of the crash in their cabs, passenger car drivers and passengers are not so lucky. In many cases, these types of accidents result in serious and life-threatening injuries to the passenger car occupants.


Spinal cord injuries in Hollywood and across South Florida are often caused by truck and traffic accidents. In some cases, these injuries are permanent and result in loss of income, inability to work, life in an assisted living facility and more. People with a significant and permanent spinal cord injury may not be able to take care of themselves and may even need to be on life support if their paralysis extends into their abdominal area. Life expectancy for significant spinal cord injury survivors may be lower and these patients may be more susceptible to infections, pneumonia and other serious complications.

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Being in a truck accident is frightening enough, and having to deal with insurance after you have been injured or suffered car damage can be frustrating and upsetting. Insurance companies often make big promises when you are signing up for their services and paying the premiums. However, when it comes time to file a claim you may have a hard time getting the insurance amount than you think you deserve.


It’s not your imagination: insurance companies make money by collecting insurance premiums and by not paying out the full amount possible in every claim. Insurance companies have a vested financial interest in resolving claims quickly and inexpensively.

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Truck crashes in Homestead and other cities can happen in an instant. One minute, you may be driving on a highway and the next you are involved in a serious collision. Timing can impact truck collisions and claims in other ways, too. Specifically, time is important when you file your claim and when you decide to proceed with your claim.

Filing Quickly is Important


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Being in a truck collision in Homestead or your community is already terrifying. In just a few seconds, your entire life can change. Not only is the experienced traumatic in and of itself, but it can affect your life permanently or for many years to come.


Unfortunately, the situation immediately following a trucking crash can compound the problem. You may be rushed to an emergency room and you may require immediate or emergency treatment for your injuries. Due to the rush to get you medical help, medical mistakes can occur. Often, you don’t have a lot of choice about which hospital you’re rushed to and which doctors take on your case. You will simply be taken to the hospital prepared to take you on as a patient and your case will be handled by the attending physician in the emergency room. Due to the rush to help and due to the circumstances surrounding the accident, medical mistakes can occur.

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Being involved in a truck accident in Homestead or any South Florida community is a serious legal, financial and health concern. A truck accident, due to the size and force of the tanker, tractor-trailer, big rig or other commercial vehicle, can affect every part of your life for years to come.


This is not a situation you want to handle by yourself. In fact, one of the first calls you will want to make as soon as you’re able to get to a phone is to a truck accident attorney in Homestead or your community. There many reasons why these types of accidents are simply too complex to take on yourself:

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