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The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released new guidelines, suggesting that swimming lessons for children start early—around one year of age. The organization has stated that early swimming lessons can help reduce the risk of drowning.


In addition to learning to learning to swim, there are other things parents and caretakers in Homestead and South Florida will want to do to reduce the risk of childhood pool injuries and drowning:

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Americans own 78 million dogs, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, and about 4.5 million people across the country are bitten by dogs each year. According to studies, last year more people in Florida were bit by a dog when compared with Texas and California residents.


There are several things you can do to help prevent dog attacks:

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Hollywood and South Florida in general are wonderful spots for gardeners. Many beautiful plants grow naturally in this warm climate and gardens of sage, palm trees, fruits and vegetables, herbs, magnolias, beautyberries, grasses, cypress and more. The warmth and sunshine is a dream for growing any kind of garden.

Whether you garden yourself or hire a landscape professional, Hollywood’s climate allows you to plant a beautiful space of flowering plants, a rock garden, an exotic blooms garden or anything else you desire. However, while gardening can be a healthful activity, it can also lead to injuries and even fatalities. If you work in the garden, you will want to take precautions to stay safe.


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Zoos are meant to be an education place for children and families and these attractions have been around for generations. While a trip to the zoo can be a safe activity, there have been incidents where a child is seriously injured in a zoo.


In Miami and other Florida locations, zoos pose a few dangers. The most obvious danger involves children wandering off and potentially falling into an enclosure. Young children are naturally curious about animals and many grow up around cats and dogs. They may not realize that the wild animals in a zoo are more dangerous and likely will bite or attack if a human enters their enclosure.

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No one goes to work expecting to be seriously injured, and yet each year workers in Hollywood and across South Florida end up going to the hospital at the end of their work day or may not even come home. Unfortunately, serious injuries are common across all industries. Even seemingly simple work with numbers or with paperwork can lead to severe and debilitating injury.


Since no one expects to be injured at work, many workers don’t know what to do when they are injured. This leads to common mistakes such as:

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It’s one of the most difficult situations for any family: you’ve placed a loved one in a nursing home in Hollywood or another South Florida community and now you have suspicions that nursing home abuse or neglect is taking place. In many cases, families second-guess their instincts and wonder whether abuse really is taking place.


Unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell when something is wrong. Residents of nursing homes may have cognitive impairment, dementia or other conditions which make it difficult for them to communicate their concerns fully. Nursing homes may easily dismiss accusations as confusion, poor communication, or other issues related to a diagnosis of dementia or another condition. In addition, nursing home residents are often fearful about speaking up against their abusers. They may fear repercussions or may feel ashamed by what is going on.

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In today’s world, social media is so ubiquitous and so important that some people take great risks for a great photo. It has created a rise in unique types of injuries, such as the selfie injury. Some people have been seriously injured or have died as a result of taking selfies in unsafe locations.


For example, some social media users have fallen to their deaths after climbing high cliffs or standing on ledges to get a specific photo. In other situations, social media users have photographed themselves doing dangerous things, such as dancing beside a moving car, and have been subsequently been injured.

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Airbnb and short-term rentals have become popular in Hollywood, Miami, and other parts of Florida. Unfortunately, there have been cases where guests or hosts are injured in these accommodations. When you are traveling and injured, it can be difficult to know where to turn.


Preventing Injury

If you are a guest, make sure you understand what to do to stay safe. Unlike hotels, short-term rentals are not regulated to the same extent as hotels. This means that rentals may lack smoke detectors, secure doors and windows, fire extinguishers, and other safety measures. Some rental units even have unsafe conditions. Guests have been injured falling from unsecured balconies or have suffered serious problems after being seriously injured.

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If you have an elderly parent who has mobility problems, is having trouble caring for themselves, or is suffering from a chronic condition, you may need additional care. This situation is difficult for entire families and while nursing homes are one option, they are not the only option.


In some cases, an elderly loved one simply does not want to go to a nursing home. In other cases, a nursing home may not be required since a family member can provide care some of the time and only occasional nursing care or caregiving is needed. Many families are also concerned about the level of care in nursing homes or about he high costs involved.

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If you have an elderly parent or relative who needs additional help and lives in a nursing home, you may want to speak to them about nursing home safety. While many nursing homes in Homestead and across South Florida do take great care in providing safe and supportive environments, some nursing homes have been found liable for unsafe condition or have been cited by authorities for failing to provide safe conditions.


Since your elderly loved one is in the nursing home day after day, they are in an ideal position to take an active role in preventing injuries and in helping you to uncover any possible negligence on the part of the nursing home. There are several conversations you will want to have with your elderly loved one as they enter a nursing home:

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