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There are over a million fires across the United States each year, affecting homes, businesses, and forested or wild areas. Fires can cause very serious injuries and harm, and when these fires happen in a place of business such as a store or hotel, you may wonder if you have a claim.


If you’re injured in a fire that happens in a public place or business, it’s not always clear whether you have a claim. That’s why the family-based team at Flaxman Law Group makes it easy to get answers. When you’re injured, call us at 866-352-9626 or contact us online and we’ll set up a free consultation with a Hollywood premises liability attorney so you can find out more about your situation.

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Semis and big rigs are commercial vehicles that consist of a trailer and cab that are usually joined by a fifth wheel or coupler. The cab and trailer (or multiple trailers) can move independently of each other and in an accident they can move in opposite directions, coming to rest in a position that resembles a jackknife, which is how these collisions got their name.


If you’re in a serious crash with a commercial truck, it’s likely that your injuries will be serious and the insurance claims process can be more complicated. To address this, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a Hollywood truck accident claims attorney. Let’s talk about your potential claim and how we may be able to help.

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Some workplace injuries, such as broken bones, happen in an instant. Others, such as repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), can develop so slowly that you might not realize you’ve been injured or that you might have a workers’ compensation claim.


No matter what kind of job injury you’ve suffered, you can always contact the Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood offices of Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626. Our family-based legal team would be happy to set up a free consultation for you with a Hollywood workplace injury lawyer so you can find out whether you might have a claim.

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Frontline workers are the critical employees who most often directly help others. They include firefighters, paramedics, utility workers, and others who work so the rest of us have access to essential services. Unfortunately, the nature of their duties often exposes them to occupational hazards that can lead to injuries or illnesses.


At Flaxman Law Group, we stand by frontline workers and may be able to help if you’re a frontline worker injured on the job. We’re pleased to offer a free consultation to workers who have been injured and who are wondering if they have a workers’ compensation claim. Just contact our family-based law firm to speak to an experienced Florida workers’ compensation lawyer.

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Employers have a duty to their workers. They’re expected to provide employees with the resources needed for the job and to pay on time and in full. Employers are also expected to provide a secure environment for their employees. Insufficient security can cause significant harm, ranging from slip-and-fall accidents to more severe incidents like assaults or thefts.

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At Flaxman Law Group, we’ve worked with many injured employees who have been harmed due to no fault of their own. If you’ve been injured in the workplace in Hollywood or any Southern Florida community, contact our father-son attorney team to find out whether you have a workers’ compensation claim.

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Office workers in Hollywood and across Florida play a crucial role in keeping businesses running. Unfortunately, the office environment is not immune to accidents and injuries. If you’re an office worker in Hollywood and find yourself injured on the job, you may be wondering about your rights and whether you have a valid workers’ compensation claim.


If you’re injured at work, you can always contact the family-based legal team at Flaxman Law Group for a consultation with a Hollywood workers’ compensation attorney who can review your options for benefits and compensation.

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When you head out shopping in Hollywood, FL, you expect to find bargains, not end up in the hospital. Unfortunately, each year people are seriously injured in stores and store parking lots.


If you find yourself injured on a store premises, it’s natural to wonder if you have a premises liability claim. In this blog post, we’ll explore common injuries sustained in stores, the challenges of pursuing premises liability claims, and how an experienced attorney from Flaxman Law Group can make a difference when you file a claim.

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When we think of workplace injuries in Miami, Hollywood, and across Florida we may picture a worker injured by a fall or crushed by machinery. While these injuries do happen, in 2022 the Surgeon General announced that mental health issues, especially those caused by toxic workplaces, are among the top five most common workplace injuries and concerns.


In Florida, understanding your rights to fair compensation for any injury is crucial, which is why following your injury you’ll want to contact Flaxman Law Group. Our family-based law firm has offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood so we can serve the entire South Florida area and we’re passionate about helping injured workers and individuals across the region. Contact us today if you’ve suffered a workplace injury and we can schedule a consultation with a Hollywood workers’ compensation claims attorney to review your situation.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into the workplace, where it’s being used to automate processes, gather more data for decision-making, and help workers be more productive. A number of accidents and injuries, however, also have some workers asking about safety.


If you’ve been injured in the workplace because of an AI system, you may have a workers’ compensation claim if your injury happened during regular work duties. However, you might also have a third-party claim against the manufacturer or programmer of an AI system. To fully explore your options for getting fair compensation, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a Miami workplace accident claims lawyer.

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About two-thirds of Florida households rent their homes, and this usually means they expect their landlords to properly maintain the premises. When a property owner fails to do this and a fire breaks out, the consequences can be devastating.


If this has happened to you, you should know that you may have a claim against the property owner, landlord, and any other parties whose negligence led to your injuries. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group for a consultation with a Miami burn injury claims attorney.

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