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Pools are a great way to enjoy some recreation and get low-impact exercise. If you don’t have your own pool in your Hollywood or South Florida home, you may be able to use a public pool. Public pools in recreation centers, condo buildings and other public spaces, however, come with their own risks.


Here’s how to avoid injuries when using Hollywood and South Florida public pools this summer:

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At this time of year, Hollywood and South Florida pools are in high demand. If you have your own swimming pool at home, there are many things you can do to ensure swimming pool safety for yourself and your guests:

1) Secure the pool area.

Swimming pool areas pose a significant liability risk for homeowners. If you own a swimming pool, you need to take steps to ensure no child or person accidentally falls in and suffers an injury. Children, especially, can be drawn to swimming pools and can easily sustain serious childhood injuries at your Hollywood home if the area is not safe. Always place a tall fence around the pool area and secure it with a self-locking gate. Where possible, install an alarm system which will let you know if anyone enters your property without your knowledge.


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Southern Florida is famous for its beaches, and each year millions of people visit the shoreline and leave with nothing more than great memories. Nevertheless, beach related and water related injuries can and do occur. Beach injuries can ruin a beautiful summer afternoon and can leave you with months or years of pain, lost income, and doctor’s bills.


Strong currents, strong sun, marine life, lightning, contaminated water, and other hazards exist on almost every beach. Taking a few precautions can help prevent injuries and can ensure your vacation is a great one:

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With the many waterways in southern Florida, this part of the country is a great place for boating and kayaking. If you’re planning on kayaking this summer in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, keep these safety tips in mind to avoid boating injuries and accidents:


1) Always wear a life jacket. Since kayaking can seem like a leisurely and relaxed way of spending time in the water, some people feel they don’t need a life jacket. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you’re kayaking in gentle waters, have plenty of experience and are in shallow water, accidents do happen. A life jacket can help you swim to safety and can make you easier to spot by emergency teams. Even if you are a strong swimmer, you can hit your head or be injured if you fall into the water. In these situations, a life jacket can save your life. Continue reading →

All counties in Florida have the conditions to support crocodiles and you can find these animals in wetlands, lakes, and rivers. They can even be found in ditches, streams, ponds, swimming pools, or even garages. Since alligators move on land and water, they can emerge from the water and enter human-populated areas, which can increase the risk of bites and attacks.


As the population in Florida spreads out and more people develop land in the area, alligators are moved out of their natural habitats and may come into closer contact with humans. This can increase the risk of animal attacks in Hollywood and other community. There are several ways you can reduce the risk of alligator attacks:

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A toddler’s bath time should be a fun time for bonding and for helping children learn the basics of taking care of themselves. However, bathing can also pose a danger for children. Experts agree that children can drown in just a few inches of water, and it can take only a few moments of parental distraction for that to happen.


Proper Supervision is Key

To reduce the risk, it’s important that parents ensure supervision at all times. Any child under the age of four should never be allowed to remain in the water alone, even for a minute. If the doorbell rings or someone needs your attention, wrap the child up and take them with you to avoid leaving them in the bathtub or near the bathtub. Even if you take your child out of the bathtub, they may attempt to climb in and get into trouble.

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Pools are a major safety concern for parents. In fact, according to economist Steven D. Levitt, swimming pools are about 100 times more likely than a handgun to result in child fatalities. It is time to start treating swimming pools with due care to prevent drownings and near drowning incidents in Hollywood and across the country.


It all starts with how we look swimming pools. When we start taking the same care with swimming pools that we take with other risks, we can reduce the number of swimming pool injuries and fatalities. There are several things you can do if you’d like to play a role in reducing pool risks:

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Mold contamination and exposure can occur in homes, workplaces, or other environments. Usually, mold occurs due to incorrect installation, poor property maintenance, or excessive moisture. Mold is always preventable, so if you have been exposed to this toxin, it’s important to investigate. You may also want to contact a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your area to find out whether you have a legal claim. An attorney can help you determine whether you have a claim and can guide you through the right steps to secure your claim.


A mold contamination claim in Homestead or your community can happen in a few scenarios. It may occur if you rent a home and your landlord or property manager is potentially liable for not properly maintaining the building. If you have purchased a home, you may have a claim against the previous seller if they knew about mold contamination problems but did not inform you. If you have recently renovated your home and mold contamination occurred afterwards due to negligent work which allowed the mold to grow, you may have a claim against the contractor or renovation company.

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Boat accidents in Miami and other coastal areas of Southern Florida can be frightening. Whether your boating collision took place aboard a chartered boat or your own private craft, there are a few steps you’ll want to take to protect yourself and your passengers:

1) Get medical help.

If you or anyone on board is injured, get emergency medical help. Even if you feel fine after an incident on the water, get a medical evaluation quickly. Some injuries may not present symptoms right away. The stress of the accidents can also prevent you from noticing all symptoms, so it’s important not to assume you’re uninjured.

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If you have a pool at home, you’ll want to be able to enjoy it all summer long. You’ll also want to make sure that it is safe for all of your family and all of your guests to enjoy. There are several ways you can ensure safety while preventing injuries at your Homestead pool:


1) Install no-slip areas around the pool.

One of the biggest risks with pools are slip and fall incidents. By installing no slip treads along the areas leading up to and into the pool area, you can ensure anyone walking with slippery feet will have some traction to prevent slips.

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