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Alligator Safety in Southern Florida

All counties in Florida have the conditions to support crocodiles and you can find these animals in wetlands, lakes, and rivers. They can even be found in ditches, streams, ponds, swimming pools, or even garages. Since alligators move on land and water, they can emerge from the water and enter human-populated areas, which can increase the risk of bites and attacks.


As the population in Florida spreads out and more people develop land in the area, alligators are moved out of their natural habitats and may come into closer contact with humans. This can increase the risk of animal attacks in Hollywood and other community. There are several ways you can reduce the risk of alligator attacks:

1) Teach your children to stay away from alligators.

Children are naturally drawn to animals, and may not realize the danger alligators represent. Unfortunately, alligators are also less likely to be afraid of smaller children the way they are of adults. Make sure your children understand the risks and come to you when they spot any wild animal.

2) Learn about alligators.

Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to learn more about alligators. The more you understand what to look for, the more you know how to stay safe.

3) Never feed alligators.

It’s illegal in Florida and very dangerous.

4) Be careful when getting rid of garbage, especially fish scraps.

Place them in secure garbage cans. Never throw fish-related garbage in the water.  Any garbage not secured in Florida, especially near the water, can mean you are inadvertently feeding alligators and may be drawing them closer to shore or your home. Be especially careful if you have a vacation home which is close to the water and further from heavy development. Alligators are more likely to be in these areas.

5) Keep your distance from alligators.

If you do see an alligator, your safest course of action is to keep at a distance. Keep your children supervised and keep them away from the alligator. In most cases, alligators will leave on their own if they are not bothered. If in alligator is a threat to you or your family, contact authorities.

6) Be careful when near water.

Only swim in areas intended for swimming and areas with lifeguards. This is a smart precaution to avoid water related injuries and drownings in Hollywood or your community, anyway. It can also reduce your risk of being severely injured by an alligator and other wildlife.

Avoid swimming at night, especially after dusk and before dawn, when alligators are most active. If you are swimming in a vacation home or somewhere alligators may lurk, carefully check the water before getting inside.

7) Keep a close eye on pets and do not allow pets to play near water where alligators may live.

Alligators are more likely to attack pets than they are human adults because pets represent the size of prey alligators prefer. Unfortunately, alligators who find pets near shore are more likely to return and pose a danger to others.

If you have suffered an alligator attack due to someone’s negligence, contact Flaxman Law Group. You may have a premises liability claim if someone fed alligators or failed to discourage them. You may also have a claim if you are injured by an alligator on private property owned by a business. Speak to a Hollywood  animal attack attorney in our Hollywood, Homestead, or Miami. Our compassionate legal team would be happy to review your situation with you to help you understand whether you have a claim.