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Public Pool Safety

Pools are a great way to enjoy some recreation and get low-impact exercise. If you don’t have your own pool in your Hollywood or South Florida home, you may be able to use a public pool. Public pools in recreation centers, condo buildings and other public spaces, however, come with their own risks.


Here’s how to avoid injuries when using Hollywood and South Florida public pools this summer:

1) Check pools before you go. When you have your own pool, you can put in the right amount of chlorine and check to make sure the pool is kept clean and safe. This is not the case with a public pool, but you can read reviews and ask questions to make sure the pool you visit is safe. Florida also has a website listing scores for pools, which can help you pick a safe spot for swimming.

2) Practice good hygiene. Rinse off before you get in the water and avoid swallowing the water. To prevent infection, cover any wounds with waterproof bandages or avoid swimming until they heal. Do not swallow pool water.

3) Improve your swimming skills if you need to. If it has been some time since you’ve been in the water, start slow and slowly build your skills. Work on your abilities before diving or heading into the deep end if your skills are not up to it. If your swimming skills are not strong, there are adult swimming classes that can help.

4) Supervise children carefully. Children are most at risk of drownings and pool-related accidents in Hollywood and other communities. If you are swimming with children, make sure they have the water skills needed and never leave them alone near water, even for a few minutes.

5) Bring your own testing strips. You can buy four-way test strips online and in pool shops and they can tell you exactly how safe a pool is in the moments before you step in. While pool managers test regularly, public pools can see a lot of use and chlorine levels can dip over time.

6) Swim at public pools with lifeguards on duty. Lifeguards can help if you encounter any problems.

7) Do a visual check before swimming. Check to make sure drain covers are in place and not broken or cracked. Look for rescue rings or poles in case there is an emergency. If you notice anything amiss, report it to the pool manager and swim elsewhere until the problem is fixed.

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