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Safety at the Gym

The gym is a great place to work out, get in shape, and enjoy the health benefits of exercise. Many gyms in Hollywood and South Florida are very safe, but serious injuries can and do happen at these establishments. Gyms can result in Hollywood premises liability claims if a gym owner is negligent in maintaining a safe space and visitors slip and fall, get injured by faulty exercise equipment, or suffer other injuries.

If you want to get in shape, there are several things you can do to stay safe at the gym:

1) Ease into your new program.  

Joining a gym is exciting, but don’t just dive in. Visit a doctor first to get advice about exercise and your health. When you do get the green light from a physician, ease into working out, making sure to warm up and cool down before each session. Consider working with a trainer at the gym to ensure you don’t overdo it or at least get a gym employee to show you the safe and correct way to use each piece of equipment.

2) Research gyms carefully.

Determine whether there have been injuries at the gym and find out about safety procedures. Look for gyms which provide clear safety instructions for each piece of equipment and help you learn how to use each machine correctly.

3) Check the gym equipment before you use it.

Wipe down equipment to ensure you can get a good grip and remove any items near you which can pose a tripping hazard. If any of the equipment seems to be in poor repair or has loose parts, do not use it. Check the pins on any weight equipment.

4) Use correct form.

When lifting weights, the wrong form can put stress on your lower back. Incorrect form during stretches and cardio can increase your risk of falls, strains, and injuries. If you’re not sure of form, get a trainer to assist you.

5) Report dangerous conditions at once.

If you see a spill in a gym, broken equipment, or any other danger, report it and check to make sure management addresses the problem at once. Be wary of any gym where no effort is made to promptly address any risks.

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