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Personal trainers can help you reach your fitness goals and many people like the idea of having someone who will keep them on track and will help them train properly. Many celebrities work with personal trainers to get into their best shape, and there is now a large market for noncelebrity people who want to have great results, too.


Unfortunately, personal trainers can vary widely. Some are highly qualified and professional and help you reach your fitness goals. However, there have been instances where people were injured after following a personal trainer’s diet or have sustained serious injuries from incorrect training. If you want to avoid sports injury but want to work with a personal trainer, there are a few tips you may wish to consider:

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At this time of year, when many children in Hollywood and South Florida are heading back to school, many student athletes are also looking forward to a new season of their favorite sports. If you have a young athlete in your family, you may be concerned about sports injuries. Sports injuries in Hollywood schools and youth sports programs can include sprains, concussions, fractures, torn ligaments, dislocations, and other injuries.


No one wants to see a promising athletic career or love of a sport sidelined by injury.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your child athlete avoid injury:

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The gym is a great place to work out, get in shape, and enjoy the health benefits of exercise. Many gyms in Hollywood and South Florida are very safe, but serious injuries can and do happen at these establishments. Gyms can result in Hollywood premises liability claims if a gym owner is negligent in maintaining a safe space and visitors slip and fall, get injured by faulty exercise equipment, or suffer other injuries.

If you want to get in shape, there are several things you can do to stay safe at the gym:

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Many people in Hollywood and South Florida decide to set fitness goals as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Taking part in a new sport or activity can be a fun way to enjoy better heath and some adventure.


If you want to get more active and fit in 2017, you’ll want to take sports safety into consideration. Sports injuries in Hollywood or your community can not only sideline you from your fitness goals, but they can cause you significant pain for months to come.

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Running is a great activity and can be especially enjoyable in Hollywood and the rest of South Florida, where mild weather and lots of sunshine can mean many days of the year are available for joggers and runners. However, sports injuries in Hollywood and South Florida are quite common with runners. This type of activity, while beneficial, does put extra strain on your joints, ankles, and knees, and can lead to serious injuries. Runners can suffer repetitive strain injuries, torn ligaments, trip and fall injuries, and other injuries. To prevent these types of painful problems, here are a few tips to run safely:


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If you have suffered a sports injury in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you may need to find an orthopedic surgeon to start treatment. In fact, you may need an orthopedic surgeon if you have been in a car accident or have sustained serious injuries any other way.


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Shoulder injuries are one of the more common sports-related injuries. They are also a common injury sustained in the workplace and in other situations. In fact, in 2012 about 15.6 million doctors’ visits occurred due to shoulder issues.


In many cases, shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are avoidable. You can avoid shoulder injuries by:

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At this time of year, most gyms in Hollywood and South Florida see more business as people set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. In fact, the first few weeks of the New Year tend to be the busiest time of year for gyms and many fitness businesses offer special promotions to entice people to join.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm to get in shape can lead to serious injury. In some cases, new gym members might not know how to use every piece of equipment or may overdo things and get injured due to overexertion. Larger crowds at the gym can also lead to dangerous conditions, especially if spills and other hazards aren’t removed promptly because of the sudden influx of new clients.


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At this time of year, many people in Hollywood and across South Florida are setting their New Year’s resolutions. One of most popular resolutions most years revolves around losing weight. Many people want to get thinner and more fit, so most gyms will see an increase in business during the first few weeks of the new year.


While a more active lifestyle is great – researchers have linked regular exercise to a lower risk of heart disease and a lower risk of some cancers and other serious life-threatening illnesses – going from a sedentary lifestyle to a very active one can increase your risk of a sports injury.

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Research has shown that youth participation in sports can help build confidence, good fitness levels, discipline, leadership skills, social skills, and more. Student athletes also qualify for scholarships and other awards. While there are certainly many benefits to taking part in sports during high school and college, athletes are at risk for certain types of injuries.


This month is National Youth Sports Safety Month, and it’s a good time to make sure that you and your child’s school are doing everything possible to keep your child safe. This month, you will want to:

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