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In Oakland Park and across South Florida, dog owners enjoy spending time with their pets. Yet in Florida in 2019, 1,268 claims were made to insurers resulting from dog bites. While many dogs are well-trained and docile, almost any animal can bite when provoked or when it is not correctly supervised.


Unfortunately, in dog attacks, it is children and minors who suffer the most. About half of American children will experience a dog bite during their childhood. Some of these are serious or even fatal, and many can be prevented.

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Ghost kitchens are popping up everywhere in Hollywood, Miami, and across South Florida. Also known as delivery-only kitchens, these facilities are for the preparation of food for food trucks, take out-only restaurants, delivery-only eateries, caterers, chefs, and others who need a kitchen on a temporary basis.

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Companies offer ghost kitchens to multiple users and advertise their facilities are stocked with appliances, counter space, and everything else chefs need to prepare their culinary creations. They may have loading bays for food trucks, kitchens lighted for YouTube cooking channels, and other features to help chefs prepare their food.

Many companies offering these facilities on a time-share basis offer insurance and security features, but what happens if you are injured, either as a customer or a worker in these kitchens? Since this business is still fairly new, getting fair compensation for your injuries may be challenging. You may wish to consult with a Miami premises liability attorney or workplace injury claims attorney.

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Islamorada, Florida is known as the “village of Islands,” because it is located on five island. While this Monroe County community is usually very beautiful and also safe, injuries can and do occur to visitors and residents each year.


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Garage doors are an important safety feature of many homes, allowing cars to be stored safely. Many homeowners in Monroe County with attached garages also use their garage doors as primary entrances to their homes. In condos and apartment buildings, garage doors allow entrance to the building and allow residents to safely enter and exit a property.


Unfortunately, in some cases, garage doors can pose a hazard. If they are poorly designed or maintained, they can collapse on someone and cause serious injury. In cases where negligence leads to an injury, you may have a premises liability claim in Monroe County or a personal injury claim.

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Hearing loss can occur after a Miami Beach car accident, fall, assault, or any situation where a head injury occurs. If the temporal or parietal lobes are injured, hearing loss can happen. Hearing loss can also occur gradually with exposure to very loud noises, which is a common occurrence in some workplaces.


If you have suffered hearing loss, you may wish to consider whether there are liable parties. If your injury was caused by a traffic collision, workplace injury, exposure to noise at work, or any situation where there may be liable parties, you may wish to consult with a Miami Beach hearing loss claims attorney to discuss your options.

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People in Cutler Bay and across Florida live with paralysis after suffering an illness or injury which causes the brain and parts of the muscles or body to not communicate correctly. When this happens, parts of the body can no longer move.


The legal team at Flaxman Law Group has worked with many patients seeking a paralysis claim in Cutler Bay. Our team has seen firsthand how paralysis caused by a work injury or bicycle crash can change a life.

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Fractures or broken bones are a common injury in Key Largo. Residents suffer this injury when playing sports, in falls, on the job, and in car collisions. Children can break bones when taking part in school activities or when playing sports or playing on playgrounds.

In some cases, broken bones result in simple fractures. The bone can break cleanly and not tear through the skin. In most cases, a cast can be worn for eight weeks and the bone heals on its own. In the case of hairline fractures, a functional cast can be worn to make mobility even easier. One of the wonderful things about bones is that if they are set and kept immobile enough, our bodies can heal a fracture.


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Our bodies are filled with ligaments, muscles, and tendons, which help us move freely and stay flexible. Unfortunately, many residents of Miami-Dade County sustain injuries to soft tissue each year. Painful injuries such as tendinitis, strains, contusions, sprains, and bursitis can lead to challenges with driving, walking, and working.


Soft tissue injuries can heal, but in the meantime, you may face time away from work and costly medical treatment. Working with a Miami-Dade County whiplash and soft tissue injury attorney can be an important step towards seeking compensation so you do not need to suffer financially, too.

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We use our arms and hands to perform most everyday tasks, from brushing our teeth to driving a car, and virtually every job requires us to use our arms and hands. Because of this, when these parts of our bodies are injured, the results can be devastating to our lives and our ability to earn a living.


If you have suffered an injury to any part of your arm, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a Plantation arm and wrist injury claims attorney. A consultation can help you determine whether you may have a claim.

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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury where the brain bounces around inside the skull because the patient has sustained a blow to the head or had been shaken violently. Concussions can cause damage to brain cells and chemical changes to the brain, but in Hallandale Beach, concussions are sometimes called “mild” forms of brain injury because patients are expected to recover.


The legal team at Flaxman Law Group has worked with many concussion patients who suffered debilitating and serious effects from their injury. Working with a Hallandale Beach concussion claims attorney helped these individuals pursue fair compensation so they could pay for lost wages, medical bills, support as they recovered, and other costs.

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