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What is an LCL Injury?

A Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) injury is sometimes called an LCL tear or a torn LCL. Your LCL runs on the outside of your knees, and it’s a group of tissues that keeps your knee stable in movement by keeping the bones together.

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If you’ve suffered a torn LCL in a workplace accident, bicycle accident, or another incident where you might have a claim, contact Flaxman Law Group. We can explain whether you have the right to seek financial recovery under Florida law and we can talk about what we can do to pursue any compensation you may have a right to.

How Do LCL Injuries Happen?

LCL tears happen for two main reasons:

  • Landing or turning awkwardly. If you land badly or otherwise twist your knee, this can cause the LCL to rip. This kind of injury can happen in a slip and fall accident or a fall from a height.
  • The inside of your knee is hit. This can happen in a workplace injury, in an assault, or in a sports injury. When the inside of your knee is impacted, the force can push against the LCL on the outside of the knee, causing tears.

In either case, you may feel pain or stiffness in the knee, or your knee may feel unstable or wobbly when you walk. You may see bruising or have a decreased range of motion. You might even find your knee locks and doesn’t move as smoothly as it did before the injury. In some cases, your foot may feel weak or numb, too.

If you experience any of these symptoms or if you suffer any injury to the knee, it’s important to get a medical evaluation. A doctor can examine your knee and order imaging tests. If you do have an LCL tear, your doctor can start a course of treatment, advise you on how you can prevent further injury, and can offer pain management. Prompt treatment can improve your prognosis.

What Does an LCL Tear Mean for Me?

LCL injuries range from mild to severe. Even with a mild injury, though, you might be in significant pain and may not be able to move easily. You may not be able to work. With a severe injury, you may need expensive surgery or ongoing physical therapy to help you heal. In this situation, it can take many months to heal.

The loss of income you might experience with an LCL injury can make you worried about paying your bills and paying for pain meditation, knee braces, and other expenses. Fortunately, Florida law does allow you to seek compensation if your injury was caused by the intentional or reckless action of someone else. Pursuing fair compensation can help you focus on getting better and not on money worries.

Not every LCL injury makes you eligible for a claim, so contact Flaxman Law Group to find out how Florida’s laws might apply to your situation. Our boutique firm would be happy to set up a consultation for you and a Florida injury attorney, so you can get the facts about your injury and your rights.

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