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Kayaking Safety

With the many waterways in southern Florida, this part of the country is a great place for boating and kayaking. If you’re planning on kayaking this summer in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, keep these safety tips in mind to avoid boating injuries and accidents:


1) Always wear a life jacket. Since kayaking can seem like a leisurely and relaxed way of spending time in the water, some people feel they don’t need a life jacket. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you’re kayaking in gentle waters, have plenty of experience and are in shallow water, accidents do happen. A life jacket can help you swim to safety and can make you easier to spot by emergency teams. Even if you are a strong swimmer, you can hit your head or be injured if you fall into the water. In these situations, a life jacket can save your life.

2) Take a charged cell phone in a water-proof case. If you run into trouble, being able to call for help can be a lifesaver.

3) Bring a first-aid kit. Injuries can increase the likelihood that you will be in an accident or will have trouble getting to shore. Bring a first aid kit in a waterproof case to ensure you can treat minor injuries and larger injuries so you can get to safety if you’re injured.

4) Don’t kayak alone. Bringing friends along means you can take turns kayaking and thus reduce the risk of fatigue. Make sure you tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back so some of them can raise the alarm if you are not back on time.

5) Stay hydrated and bring a snack for energy. Fatigue, dehydration, and poor physical condition can prevent you from being safe on the water. Bring energy in the form of food and plenty of water. Never drink alcohol before kayaking or head out on the water if you are not in good physical condition. Stay sober and in good shape so you can navigate the water safety.

6) Take a water safety class and a kayaking class. These can help you learn how to avoid accidents and injuries and can even tell you what to do if you do run into trouble on the water.

If you have been injured in a kayaking tour or accident caused by someone’s recklessness or negligence, contact Flaxman Law Group. Whether you have been injured by a defective kayak, reckless tour operator or, or any other instance of recklessness, Flaxman Law Group can help you understand your rights.