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Recently, we discussed seasonal job workers’ compensation claims. Today, we want to take a closer look at seasonal job safety tips to keep you safe. Unfortunately, the Hollywood workers’ compensation attorneys at Flaxman Law Group see too many local workers injured through seasonal work. You shouldn’t suffer a serious injury because you want to earn a little extra for the holidays.


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Garbage trucks help us keep our homes and streets clean, but these large vehicles moving along residential streets also cause serious collisions and injuries.

black plastic garbage bin with wheels beside wall

If you’re injured by a garbage truck in Hollywood, Coral Springs, or any Florida community, contact Flaxman Law Group as soon as possible for a free consultation with a Hollywood truck accident lawyer. These cases are much more complex than most traffic accidents, so you will want our more than 60 years of combined experience on your side.

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Restaurants are busy places, where injuries can easily happen. For employees in the industry, workers’ compensation insurance is an important protection, offering crucial benefits to workers injured on the job.

two person sitting on bar stool chair in front of bar front desk

Unfortunately, the injuries sustained in kitchens can be quite severe and the legal team at Flaxman Law Group has worked with injured workers who have had trouble getting their rightful benefits before contacting us. The family-based law firm of Flaxman Law Group is part of the Hollywood, Miami, and Homestead communities. We not only go to restaurants in the area, but we work to protect the employees who make these establishments run. If you’ve been injured on the job or have fallen sick because of your workplace and are worried about getting workers’ compensation benefits, contact our team for a free consultation with a Hollywood workers’ compensation lawyer.

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At this time of year, many hard-working employees in Hollywood and across Florida are looking for seasonal jobs, temp work, and side gigs to earn extra money for the holiday season. If that’s you, you should know that seasonal jobs come with their unique hazards, and you may qualify for workers’ compensation if you sustain a workplace injury.


It’s not always clear whether you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, which is why the father-son attorney team at Flaxman Law Group invite you to contact our law offices for a free consultation. It’s your chance to get answers, with no cost and no obligation, if you’ve been injured.

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Pickleball is a very popular sport right now, combining tennis and ping pong. In pickleball, two to four players meet on an indoor or outdoor court to hit a plastic ball with paddles over a net.

person showing pair of blue-and-white running shoes

Pickleball can be a healthy sport for all ages. It has also led to a rise in sports injuries, though. If you’re injured on the court and need to determine whether you have a claim, the father-son lawyer team at Flaxman Law Group is here for you. After your injury, contact us immediately for a free, no obligation case consultation with a Hollywood sports injury claims lawyer.

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Decks, porches, and patios are a big part of Florida life. In Hollywood and surrounding areas, many private homes, public spaces, restaurants, and businesses have these structures to better enjoy the warm weather.

brown wooden terrace outside clear glass door

The problem is that when these structures collapse, they can cause people to fall from heights and sustain serious, even life-threatening injuries. If you are injured because of an unsafe deck, patio, porch, or balcony, call Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626 to talk to a Hollywood premises liability attorney to find out whether you may have a claim.

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The legal team at Flaxman Law Group were saddened to hear about crushing injuries and other harm that occurred at the University of Florida, where students were holding a vigil. We hope everyone who was hurt will make a full and speedy recovery.


The incident also got our father-son lawyer team talking about the dangers of crowds and events. Whenever you have lots of people together, there is a risk of crushing injuries and even violence. Today, we wanted to share some tips for staying safe.

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In Hollywood and across South Florida, it’s now the spooky season. Kids are looking forward to pumpkins, costumes, and trick-or-treating, and adults are putting up decorations to turn homes frightful. There’s no need to be afraid of ghouls, but did you know that Halloween is among the top four holidays for childhood injuries? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) also reports that over 4000 American adults also sustain injuries related to this season.


At Flaxman Law Group, our family-based law firm is working with younger family members to create a spooky and fun Halloween. But we also want everyone in the Hollywood, Miami, Homestead, and surrounding communities to have a safe holiday, too. That’s why we’ve put together these tips to help you avoid the very real scary risks of this season.

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Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. While its causes are complex, some cases of leukemia have been linked to work exposures to chemicals and toxins.

red round fruits on white and blue surface

If you’ve been diagnosed with leukemia, you might not know whether your case is work-related or not, but seeking compensation and benefits can be crucial to help you pay the bills and treatment costs. For this reason, if you’ve been diagnosed we encourage you contact Flaxman Law Group. We’re a family-based law firm with offices in Hollywood, Miami, and Homestead. In a free consultation with a Hollywood workers’ compensation attorney, our legal team can explore your options and help you understand whether you have a claim.

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Fields such as design, writing, and the arts are all creative jobs that add to the culture of Florida. While these jobs may not have the same injury rates as industrial work, serious and even life-threatening injuries do occur for creative workers. When they do, many creative workers are eligible for workers’ compensation.


These workers do face some additional challenges when seeking benefits, however, which is why you might want to contact Flaxman Law Group if you’re injured on the job. We can offer a free, no obligation case consultation in our Homestead, Hollywood, or Miami offices. A member of our family-based law firm may even be able to visit you if you’re to injured to travel to us.

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