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This New Year, the entire team at Flaxman Law Group want to wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous, and safe 2020. As part of our efforts to ensure that residents of Homestead, Hollywood, Miami and other Florida communities get to live their healthiest and safest lives, we have put together our best tips for staying safe all year long:


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At this time of year, many people are travelling and are taking planes to visit friends and family. While airports tend to be relatively safe places, they do pose a risk of injury and you’ll want to follow these tips to avoid injury and crime:


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In today’s economy, many workers In Hollywood and across Florida are taking on side hustle or extra jobs to make extra money. While side hustles are extremely popular, however, they can also lead to workplace injury and even liability, even if your side business is in your own home.


Whether you are consulting or selling products online, taking on a second job can be dangerous for a few reasons:

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If you own and operate a small business, you’ll want to take steps to prevent injuries at your business. Even though you are required to pay for liability insurance as a small business, any serious injury at your company can result in financial losses and stress which can threaten the very existence of your organization.


When it comes to Hollywood small businesses, injuries can happen to make stakeholders. You yourself may be injured or the injuries can impact employees, visitors, or your customers and clients. Even delivery persons can be injured when dropping off items at your office or establishment.

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Each year, Hollywood residents are exposed to hacks, scams, and other threats online. In some cases, such as identity theft, victims may have recourse to the criminal justice system. In other situations, those affected choose to pursue legal claims.

Cyber security breaches can impact a person’s livelihood, personal safety, and finances for years to come. Fraudsters can gain access to very personal information from victims, can clear out bank accounts, can ruin credit ratings, and more. The effects of such crimes often include immense stress, financial hardship and even family problems.

Everyone is at risk, which is why it is important to take some steps online to protect yourself:

Today, it’s quite common to have to go out of town on business, and in many cases this involves either driving to other cities or taking a plane and then getting a rental car to drive to business meetings and any conferences, professional associations, and other business events which are part of the trip.


If you travel for work often, especially, you may face a number of risks when driving. Not only do you need to be concerned about car accidents with rental cars or when spending long periods of time on the road, but you also need to consider personal safety when you are in hotels or in unfamiliar destinations. You need to consider how to prevent theft and other dangers.

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If you’re traveling to Miami, you’re probably staying at a hotel or some type of tourist accommodation. While some accommodations take care to provide a safe environment, you are staying with other people who are just passing through and there’s always a risk to personal safety.


To stay safer, make sure that you:

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We rely on electronic devices to wake us up, share the weather, get us to our destination, and more. Whether you use phones, GPS, voice-activated personal assistants, or other devices, however, these devices can cause injury.


Each year, residents of Hollywood and South Florida are injured by electronic devices or are the victims of identity theft or fraud because their devices are targeted. Here’s how you can reduce your risk:

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Whether you work in an office in Hollywood, at a manufacturing facility anywhere in South Florida, in a transportation where you spend most of your time on the road or in any other kind of workplace, you deserve a safe job site and deserve not to be injured at work. While the specific safety requirements for every type of work can vary widely, there are some safety tips which all workers can use to keep their workplaces safe:


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For real estate agents in Hollywood and other cities, the workplace can be dangerous. There have been instances where real estate agents have been attacked during showings and even killed. This job is dangerous because real estate agents are often in the field, meeting with others and they generally do so alone. In addition, open houses can be a danger because anyone from the community can walk in, and in some cases there may only be no one else present in the house during the showing.


If you are a real estate professional, there are a few steps you can take to stay safer:

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