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Every parent sends their child off to school in Hollywood to help them learn and succeed in the future. Unfortunately, while schools do try to keep each child safe, schools do present some hazards.


No parent sends their child to school expecting to get a phone call about a serious injury, but this is a reality for many families. Each year, some children are injured or even killed each year in school related injuries and accidents. There are a few ways to reduce the risk for your kids:

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We take electricity for granted, but when the power goes out during a storm, planned outage, mechanical failure, or for some other reason, being plunged into the dark is inconvenient. Ideally, that’s all it is. However, power outages can also be dangerous and can lead to injuries or fires in Homestead or your community.


Here’s how you can stay safe during a power outage:

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This Labor Day weekend, we celebrate workers and workplaces. This can also be a weekend where you create a few small changes which can have a big impact on your work life by helping you be more productive while also helping you to avoid workplace injuries in your Hollywood or Florida workplace.


These simple changes may help you cut your risk of back injuries, crushing injuries, head injuries, repetitive strain injuries, and other injuries:

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Workplace injuries in Homestead and other Florida communities are a serious concern. They cause everything from pain and suffering to fractures, crushing injuries, head trauma, and many other types of life altering and even fatal injuries. No one goes to work expecting to be injured, but this is still a reality for many employees in South Florida and across the country.


Fortunately, workers can do several things, starting this Labour Day, to reduce their risk of injuries:

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Labor Day is around the corner and the final official days of summer are usually greeted with barbecues, grilling, fireworks, and festivities. Homestead, Miami, and other city police forces, however, point out that Labor Day weekend traditionally mean more DUI accidents and can mean more injuries.


Here’s how to stay safer during this holiday weekend:

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If you have been in a trucking collision in Homestead, Miami, or anywhere in South Florida, you need to think about your future. Due to the large size of trucks, being in this type of accident can lead to life-long head injuries, back injuries, and other life-altering damages.


Your first priority, of course, is to get medical help. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, get checked out in an emergency room or by a doctor as soon as possible. Some injuries, especially soft tissue injuries and head trauma, may not present symptoms right away even if your injuries are serious.

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One of the pleasant things about living in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida is that the warm weather and beautiful climate allows for plenty of outdoor sports. Whether you enjoy playing beach volleyball, baseball, football, or any other sport, you can do so outside in green spaces, fields, and outdoor recreation areas across the state.


Outdoor spaces do provide their own dangers, however. In order to stay safe you will want to:

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As back to school season is upon us, many parents are planning to go shopping to get books, notebooks, laptops, and other necessities for the classroom. However, this is also a good time of year to focus on school injury awareness and to help prevent these childhood injuries in Hollywood or your South Florida community.


School injuries can happen at anytime. They are common during drop off and pickup times at school, in sports activities and after school activities, and on field trips. While most parents send their children off to school with the expectation that their kids will be safe and that school authorities will do everything possible to keep their child safe, this is not always the case.

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Music festivals and other big, public events are a popular feature of summertime in Hollywood, Miami, and across Southern Florida. While most of these events simply result in plenty of memories, festival injuries are surprisingly common. The combination of high heat, large crowds, alcohol, and sometimes drugs can result in disaster.


Each year, people are severely injured at festivals due to assault, slip and fall and trip and fall injuries, alcohol consumption, heat related injuries, and other types of situations. Injuries range from fractures to severe and permanent injuries.

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Camping around the South Florida area near Hollywood, Homestead, and other communities is a beautiful way to enjoy all the green spaces and nature of our state’s national parks. Camping can create a lifetime of memories, allow you to spend time in fresh air, and can help you stay fit by giving you lots of opportunities for biking and hiking.


While our camping grounds are generally safe, not all campgrounds are careful in providing adequate lighting, trail maintenance, and other services to help keep reduce your risks of injury.

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