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Agricultural Workers and Florida Workers’ Compensation

Agriculture is crucial to Florida’s economy, but it is also unfortunately one of the industries with the highest injury and fatality rate for workers. The hard-working laborers who help put food on our tables face challenging working conditions and many hazards on the job.

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If you work in agriculture and are injured at work or suffer an occupational illness, contact Flaxman Law Group to find out about any rights you may have for compensation. Depending on your situation, you may be able to secure workers’ compensation benefits or you may have a civil claim. Our boutique law firm has recovered more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements and our family-based team works hard to provide personalized attention to every client–with compassion and care. If you’re injured at work and don’t know where to turn, you can turn to us.

Common Agricultural Injuries

Agricultural workers face many dangers on the job because they work outside in the elements and around heavy machinery and harsh chemicals (including pesticides). They also tend to work long hours and even in the dark, when visibility is poor. All these factors can result in many kinds of injuries and accidents, including:

  • Vehicle accidents. These can include tractor rollovers, and other situations where workers can become pinned under the machinery or crushed by vehicles and farm equipment.
  • Amputations. Workers can get caught up in heavy equipment on a farm and can lose a limb if part of their body becomes trapped in the machinery.
  • Falls. Workers may need to climb onto machinery or into lofts, and this can lead to falls.
  • Violence. Farm workers may work in remote fields, far from anyone else, which can put them at risk of violence and attacks.
  • Animal injuries. Laborers who work around livestock can suffer injuries if the animals get spooked or if they have a communicable disease. Farm workers in fields can also encounter wildlife, which can result in animal attacks or bites.
  • Drowning injuries. Many farms have water for irrigation and livestock. In dark conditions, such as before dawn, it’s possible to fall into ponds and other waterways on a farm.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries. Farming is labor-intensive work and an agricultural worker may need to carry heavy items or bend over frequently as part of harvest work. The intensity of the physical work can lead to chronic back pain, strains and sprains, and other injuries.
  • Chemical injuries. Toxic exposure, occupational illness, and chemical burns can all happen in farm work because laborers can be exposed to pesticides, strong cleaners, and other chemicals.

Do I Have a Claim?

If you work on a farm, you may be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This means if you’re injured you can apply for benefits that can pay for all your necessary medical care and a replacement of part of your wages. However, in Florida, farms with fewer than six regular employees and/or 12 seasonal employees who work more than 30 days per year are exempt. This means that if you work for a small farm, you may not be covered. However, depending on your situation, you may have a civil claim. For example, if you’re injured by farm machinery, you may have a claim against the equipment manufacturer.

One way to find out whether you have a claim or a right to benefits is to contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a South Florida workers’ compensation claims attorney. Our family-based law firm approaches each potential case with compassion and we also tackle personal injury cases, so we can explain whether you have civil claim, too. You can contact our offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood by calling 866-352-9626.

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