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While medical advancements create a safer environment for mothers and infants during pregnancy, labor, and the birth process, negligence and recklessness on the part of healthcare workers can cause serious injuries to an infant and mother. Far too many families are affected by serious injuries, some having lasting effects on a child’s development and future.


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Research has shown that women are far more likely to be misdiagnosed when compared with men. Women are 50% more likely than men to be misdiagnosed if they have a heart attack and 30% more likely than men to be misdiagnosed after a stroke. In addition, conditions that affect women, such as fibroids or endometriosis, can take ten years or longer to accurately diagnose, even though these diseases affect one in ten women.


Doctors have an obligation to provide good care to all their patients, and that includes the half of patients that are women. When doctors do not take women’s care seriously and women suffer serious complications or fatalities, medical professionals can and should be held accountable.

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The risk of misdiagnosis, medical malpractice, and now exposure to COVID-19, are serious concerns for anyone who is going to a clinic or hospital for medical care. Of course, we all see medical experts to get better and to get quality medical care. Unfortunately, negligence, recklessness, and even mistakes in a medical setting can result in serious complications, injuries, and even fatalities.


As a patient, you have rights. You also have the ability to reduce your risk in a few key ways:

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Medical malpractice claims in southern Florida are intended to help protect patients who have been injured due to the recklessness and negligence of medical professionals. Medical malpractice claims arise when someone is misdiagnosed, incorrectly treated, or suffers another issue caused by recklessness or negligence. If you have a doctor-patient relationship and a doctor causes injury through their actions, you may have a claim.


Right now, medical malpractice claims are more complex. With the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients believe they have contacted COVID-19 in a hospital or clinic setting. However, they don’t always know whether they have a strong claim. In addition, with hospitals sometimes overrun and with patients worried about the coronavirus, some patients find that their care is being delayed or is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They, too, wonder if they have a legal claim.

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, patients in Hollywood who suffered from misdiagnosis may have pursued a medical malpractice claim. These claims were possible if a doctor treating a patient did not meet expected standards of care and the patient was injured as a result. In cases of cancer and other deadly illnesses, a patient could possibly suffer significant harm and even fatalities because of a misdiagnosis.


With COVID-19, unfortunately, misdiagnosis continues to be a concern. The symptoms of COVID-19 include high fever, coughing, and respiratory problems. However, the illness is new and understanding of this coronavirus is imperfect. Authorities have found that some patients have a rash or have atypical symptoms. Some have no symptoms at all. This has made diagnosis difficult.

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If you have been injured after visiting a Hollywood or South Florida hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, you may think you have a medical malpractice claim, especially if your injuries resulted in complications or extra medical bills. In reality, medical malpractice claims can be extremely complex and difficult to prove, even in cases where it appears clear that negligence occurred and that devastating injury resulted.


There are many reasons why proving medical malpractice claims is difficult in Hollywood and in Florida:

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Wrong site surgery happens when the wrong part or the wrong patient is operated upon. This can happen if a patient’s left lung is operated on, for example, when the patient went in for surgery on their right lung. In some cases, wrong site surgery means that the wrong limb is amputated or even that there is a patient mix-up, where a patient has a surgery intended for someone else.

Wrong site surgery can be devastating. It can mean that a patient loses a healthy limb or suffers serious complications from a medical procedure they should never have received. According to statistics, about 90 wrong site surgeries happen in American hospitals each year – and many are preventable.


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Suicide can be one of the most devastating situations a family will face. Losing a loved one is always distressing, but having that loss be self-inflicted is often overwhelming. It’s common for surviving friends and family to have many questions: Could this have been prevented? Why did this happen?


Suicide often leaves clues. In many cases, a person will be diagnosed with depression and will be getting treatment for their condition. In some situations, someone who is considering suicide will reach out to mental health professionals, doctors, or other authorities. If they are getting help, friends and family may assume that their loved one is safe. It can make a sudden loss even more of a shock.

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When you head to the doctor to get a prescription for your medication, you expect that medical experts will make you better, not worse. Unfortunately, while most patients get the right medication in the right doses, medical mistakes in Hollywood and Florida occur every year, and some of these involve serious situations where a patient is injured or even killed because they have been given the wrong medication or the wrong dose.


If you have suffered a complication or injury because of a medical error, you deserve answers. If you would like to speak to a legal professional about your situation, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.

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Heart attacks and heart disease are the leading cause of fatalities in this country, with about 2,500 people, on average, dying of these problems every day. Even though this problem is so common, it is also often misdiagnosed, which increases fatalities. If you have gone to the emergency room or doctor with chest pains or other symptoms of heart disease, misdiagnosis can prove fatal.


If you have suffered injury or have lost a loved one due to heart attack misdiagnosis in Hollywood or South Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group. You may have a legal claim that lets you seek compensation for the losses and damages you have suffered. You deserve answers and we can offer a consultation so that you can ask questions.

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