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South Florida Heat, Humidity, and Work Injury

Workers in South Florida have to deal with many hazardous conditions on the job, but one of the conditions that are hard to avoid involve the climate. Florida is the most humid state and one of the hottest, and this can put workers in danger.

If you’re injured on the job, you can always reach the family-based legal team at Flaxman Law Group for a consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney. Find out whether you are eligible for benefits and discuss with our team whether we may be able to help you claim your rightful benefits.


What Are Common Heat Injuries in South Florida?

Anyone who works outdoors in Florida’s heat and humidity is at risk of heat-related illness and injury. Firefighters, agricultural workers, construction workers, police, and others who work outside are all at risk of these injuries:

  • Heat cramps. These are very painful muscle cramps that happen when you are working physically hard in a hot climate.
  • Heat rash. Hot, humid weather can lead to a red, angry rash, especially where a worker’s clothes rub against the skin. While it’s easy to dismiss a rash, the skin can become painful and complications like infection are possible.
  • Heat syncope. This condition results in dizziness and fainting. It’s caused by working in a hot climate and getting overheated, to the point where your body can’t adjust to the hot temperature.
  • Heat exhaustion. This happens when your body can’t replenish water and salt as you work in a hot environment. Heat exhaustion can lead to weakness, nausea, and fever.
  • Rhabdo. Rhabdomyolysis happens when you work for a long time in hot weather and your muscle tissue starts to die. This condition can lead to seizures, kidney damage, and an irregular heart rhythm.
  • Heat stroke. This life-threatening condition happens when the body overheats and can’t cool down. Heat stroke is a medical emergency, and someone who doesn’t get help in time can suffer seizures, loss of consciousness, and death.

One challenge with heat-related work injuries is that it can be challenging to assess them correctly. For example, heat cramps can be a sign of heat stroke, but it can be easy to dismiss them as minor. Whenever you experience heat-related symptoms on the job, it’s important to rest, hydrate, and work to cool your body down.

In addition to heat-related illnesses, extreme heat can increase the risk of injury. Heat can cause disorientation and fainting, which can put workers at risk of traffic crashes, accidents involving heavy machinery, and other injuries, too. The glare from the sun can also pose its own risks as well.

Do I Have a Claim?

Florida does not have protections for workers who are exposed to heat, though some lawmakers are seeking to pass laws which would shield workers from unsafe, hot conditions. However, if you work in Florida and are injured on the job you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you’re injured on the job.

To find out whether your heat-related injury qualifies for workers’ compensation and to find out how you can apply, call Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626. You can also reach out if your workers’ compensation claim was denied. Our family-based team stands up for Florida workers through our offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood. Our goal is to help you get the benefits you deserve so you can move on from a work injury.


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