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During the holiday season, truck collisions in Florida City and surrounding areas are a concern. This time of year is very busy and even with supply chain issues this year, there are more trucks on the road, which can result in truck accidents.


There are many reasons why we may see an increase in trucking collisions this holiday season:

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Mental health has an impact on driver safety. While there are no statistics to determine how many Hollywood and Florida truck accidents can be linked to mental disorders or mental distress, researchers agree that depression and other mental conditions can and do compromise road safety. Mental illness can lead to changes in sleep patterns and overall health, for example, which can in turn affect focus. Some conditions, such as dementia, can lead to confusion and cognitive difficulties which can make driving difficult.


Truck drivers and trucking companies are increasingly recognizing this problem and pursuing solutions. There are many things truck drivers can and do try to improve their mental health:

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As a society, we are becoming more aware of mental illness and the need to help those who suffer from it. However, even though we are making progress in reducing the stigma surrounding this condition, it remains an invisible problem, in many cases. And truck drivers may be especially prone to mental illness because of their jobs.


Trucking is stressful, requiring long hours on the road and adherence to tight deadlines. Isolation while driving can exacerbate symptoms or can cause difficulties, all while creating a situation where drivers may struggle to form closer support networks. In addition, the near-misses on the road coupled with challenges in eating healthfully and getting exercise can mean issues such as depression can impact truck drivers disproportionately.

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Tire problems and defects can and do cause many truck collisions in Homestead, Miami, and other South Florida communities. You may have seen the strips of tire on the road from a tire blowout when driving in the area. While some of these incidents are caused by debris on the road, many are preventable and may be attributed to poor tire maintenance.


Truck drivers are expected to check their tires regularly and trucking companies are also expected to properly maintain their fleets. When this does not happen, trucking accidents in Homestead and other communities can occur as tires blow out or fail to function correctly.

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Truck drivers get extensive training to handle the many risks of the road, but not everything can be controlled. Something as simple as emotional state can have a profound impact on road safety and on trucking accidents.


While more studies are needed on the impact of emotions on trucking accidents, there is evidence linking strong emotional states with car collisions. According to a study from Virginia Tech, motorists who drive when sad, agitated, or anxious have ten times the risk of being in a car accident. This makes sadness more dangerous than distracted or fatigued driving, according to the study. Other studies have linked anger while driving to speeding and have found a correlation between anger and slow speeds as well as sharp braking.

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Much has been written about the role of distracted driving in Hollywood truck accidents as well as the danger of fatigued driving. Now, however, the conversation is slowly shifting to discussion about the impact on mental health on truck drivers.


There is no doubt that truck drivers have a very dangerous and high-pressure job. They are often asked to deliver cargo long distances in tough traffic conditions and bad weather on tight deadlines. Many truck drivers worry about becoming the victim of theft or crime and they have to worry about other drivers driving erratically on the road. In addition, truck drivers spend a long time alone, away from their families, and may not get enough time to rest, relax, sleep, and eat well.

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If you’re going to be driving on highways or anywhere where trucks are common, you need to make sure you take steps to avoid a trucking crash. One big risk factor for trucking collisions is drowsy driving.

Drowsy driving is dangerous because it is so subtle. It may not be immediately apparent who is driving fatigued on the roads, making it harder to avoid a dangerous driver. You may not even be aware that you are driving fatigued yourself. Yet, drowsy driving has been compared to drunk driving for the danger it represents. Sleepy motorists have slower response times, may be more prone to making mistakes, and may make poor choices on the road, all of which can lead to collisions. In serious cases of fatigue, drivers can even drop off to sleep at the wheel, either for a few seconds or for extended period of time.


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Many employees talk on the phone while driving as part of their job. In some cases, they may be communicating with a dispatcher or may be calling in to report where they are. In some cases, employers allow employees to use hands-free devices so they can stay in touch with their workers while on the road. Not only do employers want to be able to reach their workers, but in many cases a workday doesn’t stop just because someone is on the road. Employees may still feel pressured to respond to e-mails, company communication, or requests when they’re on the road.


If you’re a worker who talks on the phone or with dispatch as part of your job when you’re driving, you could be putting yourself at risk of distracted driving accidents. In Hollywood and across Florida, people are seriously injured or killed each year in company cars and delivery trucks as a result of distracted drivers.

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Truck drivers face high stress and dangerous jobs. They’re on the road for many hours and face tight deadlines as well as other pressures. Some experts worry that the high stress which is part of his occupation as well as social isolation and the pressure to meet tight deadlines can push drivers to try illegal substances or even to experience addiction.


Most truck drivers use caffeine to stay alert. However, there our studies suggesting more controlled substances are sometimes used by drivers. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a number of safeguards measure to avoid addicted drivers from driving commercial trucks. Trucks drivers are subject to strict pre-employment screening processes, which includes checks for drug and alcohol addiction. In addition, commercial truck drivers are subject to post-accident and random testing for alcohol and drugs. Surveys of US drivers by the FSMCSA suggest that only about 1% of US drivers test positive in random drug and alcohol tests.

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The average age of truck drivers is now 49 and the industry has faced a driver shortage for some years. In addition to the shortage, there is also a high turnover rate in this industry. Part of the problem appears to be related to working conditions. Truck drivers earn an average of $40,260 annually, spend a long time away from families and have a stressful job. They also work long hours at a dangerous and demanding job. All of this may be preventing new drivers from entering the profession. It may also be contributing to turnover rates.



The driver shortage is a serious one, with some estimates suggesting the unmet need amounts to about 100,000 commercial drivers.

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