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Accommodation Safety Tips for Miami

If you’re travelling to Miami or South Florida for a holiday, you of course want to have a pleasant time. As part of your stay, you will likely be arranging accommodation. Today, you have more options than ever before, with short term rentals, vacation homes, beach houses, resorts, hotels, corporate housing, and other options.


In addition to having lots of choices, you probably expect your accommodations to be safe. Unfortunately, each year people are injured or even killed due to unsafe hotels, short term rentals, and other vacation properties. When choosing a place to stay, make sure that you:

Choose vetted and responsible accommodations

Research accommodations carefully. Look at reviews and other travellers’ experiences. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Find out about safety features and locations of various accommodations. Is a hotel, resort, or other property in a safe area? How will you get safely to and from your room? Have there been issues with guest safety?

Use extra caution with short-term rentals

Short term rentals may be tempting because of their lower price and their variety, but Miami and other cities have strict policies in place regarding short term rentals. Some buildings have also banned them. You may find yourself saying in an illegal rental where the neighbors are not happy you’re there.

In addition, many short-term rentals do not have the same standards of safety as larger hotels or resorts. Some don’t even have fire or smoke detectors. Even worse, if you are injured in a short-term rental, getting compensation can be a challenge. Often, there’s a lot of finger pointing between the platform offering the rental and the hosts. If the rental is illegal, it may be even harder to get compensation for your injuries.

Always make sure you stay in a legal and safe spot. Check short term rental rules before you go to make sure you are not staying somewhere illegal. Ask hosts about safety precautions, the presence of fire extinguisher and smoke detectors, and other basics.

Consider a portable door stop

You can purchase portable room travel locks online or in travel stores for just a few dollars. They are placed underneath your hotel or vacation home door, making it harder for someone to force your door open. If you are travelling alone, especially, this can be inexpensive extra insurance keep yourself safe.

Use extra caution when traveling alone.

If you are travelling alone, consider joining forums or groups for single travellers. Get tips on safe travel and make sure you stay in an area with a concierge, security person, and other precautions to make sure that there is someone looking out for your safety. Tell a friend or family member where you are going you and share your itinerary. Schedule regular check-ins with a friend.

Do not flash valuables

Stick to modest clothing and accessories to avoid becoming a victim of mugging.

Be aware of your surroundings

Avoid using headphones or keeping your nose in your cell phone when you’re walking around. Not only does distraction increase your risk of mugging, but it can also put you at risk of pedestrian accidents and car accidents in Miami and other cities.

Use the safety features your accommodation offers

If you are accommodations offer free shuttles, late night check ins, or any other safety features, use them to stay safe.

Report any issues at once

If you notice a spill on the floor, a broken stair railing, or any other hazards, report them at once and make sure that they are handled. This can help keep you and other guests remain safe.

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