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Amputations and Elderly Patients

Amputations are devastating for elderly patients of nursing homes. Amputations often result in significant emotional distress, anxiety, trauma and depression. In addition, amputations can lead to significantly reduced mobility and loss of quality of life.


In many cases, amputations on elderly residents are preventable with proper diabetic care, proper safety precautions and proper care. Very often, amputations are a last resort for doctors who are trying to save a patient’s life. For elderly residents of nursing homes, amputations can occur due to neglected bedsores, untreated or unmanaged diabetes, and other instances of negligence.

Complications and Concerns with Amputations Among the Elderly

If a doctor decides amputation is need to save a nursing home resident’s life, it’s a big decision. The doctor will need to work with the patient to determine how much of a limb or affected body part can be saved. Common amputations for elderly patients include foot amputations, finger amputations, leg amputations, and arm amputations. The surgery may involve amputating just part of a limb or a larger part of a limb.

Recovery after an amputation needs to be considered. This may need to take into consideration rehabilitation, prosthetics, and other services. If nursing home abuse led to the need for an amputation, it’s not unusual for families to be concerned about the possibility of infection, too.

With elderly patients, there is also a concern about whether the patient is well enough for the surgery. If there are underlying conditions, these need to be considered when evaluating the risk for the patient. After surgery, pain management and helping the patient adjust to life with different mobility are priorities.

Since patients may find their independence threatened by an amputation, it is important to work with medical professionals to preserve independence and dignity as far as possible.

What You Can Do

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