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Are Florida Slip and Fall Accidents On the Rise?

At least one report suggests that serious slip and fall accidents are rising among seniors. The report, out of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, suggests that serious slip and fall accidents account for 71% of all hospitalizations among the elderly. Over the past few years, researchers say, there has been a 16% increase in the number of severe personal injuries stemming from slip and fall accidents among seniors. At the Toronto hospital, between 30% and 40% of trauma patients are seniors.

Although the report is based out of Canada, it could have significant findings for Florida slip and fall rates, too. According to researchers in Toronto, the reason for the increase in serious slip and fall accidents comes down to two factors: an elderly population that is remaining active and a population that is aging. Both risk factors are present in Florida. Florida has a graying population (especially in the winter, when many Snowbirds arrive in the state) and many seniors in Florida avail themselves of the opportunities Florida offers to remain active for health reasons. According to researchers, this may be a recipe for more Florida slip and fall accidents.

Seniors today are able to enjoy longer and healthier lives, thanks to advances in medical technology, say researchers. New treatment for lung disease, heart disease, and other conditions mean that the elderly can stay more active. An increased awareness of an active lifestyle is also propelling many seniors to stay physically more active. While this can be positive, it can also increase the risk of slip and fall injuries.

For the elderly, Florida slip and fall accidents are all too often more than just hurtful to pride. Many Florida spinal cord injuries and brain injuries as well as broken bones among the elderly occur due to a slip and fall accidents. Loss of coordination, osteoporosis, and other age-related conditions can make the elderly more susceptible to serious injuries as a result of falls. According to researchers, certain medications that seniors take can also exacerbate the injuries possible in a slip and fall accident. For example, blood thinners and other medications can increase the risk of bleeding around the brain after a slip and fall accident.

Researchers point out that many things can be done to reduce accidents for seniors – and the tips are applicable to helping prevent Florida slip and fall accidents as well. Researchers note that reducing clutter in the home, improving lighting in the home, and more awareness of medication side effects are good ways to help prevent many accidents. As well, regular medical care can help target conditions – such as poor eyesight – which can contribute to falls in an aging population.

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