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Are Truck Drivers More at Risk for Florida Drunk Driving Accidents?

Professional drivers, such as commercial truck drivers, face very close restrictions on their driving. Commercial truck drivers must pass more testing and get more training than the average driver. They must also adhere to more rules, including federal hours of service rules, in order to drive on the roads. Commercial truck drivers are also subject to close scrutiny and testing for alcohol and drug abuse. Truck carriers face lawsuits and legal problems if their drivers drive drunk. For this reason, drivers who drive under the influence face several penalties and loss of work. Despite all of this, some truck drivers report being involved in alcohol-related crashes, often when drunk drivers rear-end or collide with their truck. There are many reasons why truck drivers are susceptible to this kind of crash:

1) Truck drivers are on the road more often. Quite simply, most commercial truck drivers spend far more time on the road than the average driver. Longer hours simply means many more hours where an accident can take place.

2) Commercial truck drivers are more likely to be driving late at night. Many commercial truck drivers work odd hours, sometimes driving late at night or early in the morning. This is also when more inebriated drivers are more likely to be on the road, as these are the hours when bars close and when parties end.

3) Truck drivers are more likely to be driving around the holidays. Many businesses require more inventory, more deliveries, and more help around the holidays. Often, this means that truck drivers are busier around holidays, and more often on the road. Unfortunately, holidays also mean more parties and more drinking. Most authorities report an increase in the number of Florida drunk driving accidents around holiday weekends.

4) Truck drivers cannot stop as quickly as passenger vehicles. In many cases, drunk drivers in passenger cars take risks, such as weaving around other vehicles, driving without lights, and taking other risks. While commercial truck drivers are experienced and trained in avoiding collisions, commercial trucks take much longer to stop than most passenger vehicles. This means that if a drunk driver cuts off a truck, the truck may simply not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Drunk drivers may be uninhibited and too drunk to be aware of the risks of larger trucks. Taking risks can lead to fatal truck accidents.

Truck drivers and the truck driving industry do a great deal to prevent accidents. However, drunk driving by any driver can contribute to Florida car accidents and truck crashes. It is one more reason to emphasize the importance of driving sober.

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