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Are You a Canadian Suffering a Personal Injury in Hollywood or Another Florida City?

Each year, tens of millions of tourists travel to Florida to enjoy the warm climate and the attractions that the state has to offer. Canadians are especially eager to travel to Florida. In fact, millions of these tourists arrive in the state each year and millions more make Florida a second home for the winter. For Canadians who suffer a serious injury in Florida, however, the claims process can be daunting. To make the process easier, it is important to:

1) Plan well before leaving Canada. It is important to buy health insurance and any additional insurance you may need for your stay. Keep in mind that if you are injured in a pedestrian accident in Hollywood or another community, one of the biggest expenses will be related to medical costs – which will not be covered by your province’s health care plan. If you are in a car accident in Hollywood or another community, you may also face substantial car repair or replacement costs. You need to ensure that you have adequate insurance to recompense you for these costs.

2) Lower your risk of accident or injury. In many cases, injuries can be prevented by simple common sense. For example, drinking heavily can increase your risk of a traffic accident in Hollywood, but also a range of other accidents. You may be more susceptible to falls, poor judgment, and misadventures. Try to stay aware of your surroundings and learn about your Florida destination. Think safety first when you travel.

3) Keep important information with you. When you travel, have your insurance company and coverage information on hand. In addition, keep a list of medications you take, any medical conditions you have, and any allergies you have with your insurance information. If you are in a bicycle accident in Hollywood, or any serious accident, and cannot speak for yourself, emergency personnel can use this information to help you.

4) Have a friend check up on you. Leave your contact information with a trusted friend or family member. If there is a problem or you run into problems, this person should be able to contact you or even speak on your behalf if you are seriously injured.

5) If you are seriously injured in Florida, contact a personal injury attorney. Whether you have sustained a head injury in Hollywood or any other type of serious injury, it is a good idea to get legal advice. You may miss substantial amounts of income due to your injury and your Florida health care costs may be higher than you realize. You may also need someone to negotiate with your insurance carrier if your insurance provider makes a very small claims offer. A personal injury attorney in Hollywood or Florida can also help you understand what local resources are available to you, so it is worthwhile to at least get a legal opinion about your case.

If you have been injured in Southern Florida and are nervous about the claims process, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation. The full service law firm can help you understand your rights and the insurance process.