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Authorities Ask for Common Sense to Help Prevent Florida Truck Accidents and Car Accidents

While some states have passed laws which ban texting while driving, Florida has no such laws. It is not for lack of trying – in the past few years, Florida’s lawmakers have tried to pass such legislation eight time and have simply not been successful. So far, nineteen other states have laws which restrict or ban cell phone use or texting behind the wheel. There are good reasons for these laws. Numerous research studies have shown that using mobile devices while driving is a major source of distracted driving and accidents. Florida legislators have noted that texting bans might help prevent Florida truck accidents and car accidents caused by distracted driving.

Although Florida so far does not have any texting while driving bans in place, Florida law enforcement authorities can issue tickets and citations to texting drivers if the drivers engage in risky behaviors as a result of texting. For example, if a driver is driving recklessly because he or she is texting, the driver can be cited for reckless driving. Distracted Florida drivers often run stop signs or lights or make other mistakes because they are texting rather than focusing on the road. Obviously, such infractions will result in tickets, so texting while driving can still result in tickets in Florida.

According to the Highway Patrol, Florida drivers engage in other distracting behaviors while driving – which can just as easily lead to a Florida car accident or truck accident. Eating, adjusting the radio, shaving, applying makeup, drinking, adjusting the GPS, and chatting with passengers are all distracting behaviors which can lead to Florida truck accidents and traffic accidents.

Police authorities and law enforcement in Florida are warning drivers not to text and drive, even though there is currently no legislation specifically prohibiting the behavior. Many law enforcement agencies point out that driving is dangerous, even though it may feel familiar and safe. All motorists need to use common sense and put their full attention on the road to prevent Florida truck accidents and car accidents, warn law enforcement agencies.

Authorities note that legislators cannot pass laws prohibiting every specific sort of distracting behavior which can be dangerous on the road, so it is up to drivers to exercise common sense in order to help prevent Florida truck accidents and car accidents. If motorists need to talk on cell phones while driving, law enforcement authorities note, it is best to use a hands-free cell phone model which allows motorists to keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

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