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Avoiding Florida Truck Accidents When You Own a Small Business

Many small businesses rely on light company trucks or even large trucking companies for business. If you own a small business, you may rely on trucks in order to get your product to customers or in order to have materials delivered to your offices. While trucks can make things convenient for your business, they can also create liability issues. If a truck your company owns causes a Florida pedestrian accident or a Florida trucking accident, the legal ramifications could affect your business. Such an accident can even push your business towards bankruptcy. Even if you work with a trucking company, if a company truck is in an accident while delivering your goods, you could face legal problems as well. That is why it is important to:

1) Carefully consider before getting trucks for your own business. If you want to have a truck for your business, consider who will drive the truck. How will you screen drivers? Can the drivers be trusted to remain safe?

2) If you do decide to get trucks for your business, use a little extra caution. Draw up a list of regulations for your truck drivers and delivery personnel. Insist on a driver’s log and check to make sure that your driver is qualified.

3) If you hire a truck company or delivery service, use due diligence. Research to make sure the company has a good safety record and good drivers. Consult the better business bureau and check online to see whether the company has been involved in messy legal battles.

4) Make sure the trucks carrying your products are maintained. If you have your own trucks, find a qualified mechanic and ensure that the trucks are checked and fixed regularly. Encourage your drivers to report and problems and have these fixed promptly. If you use a trucking company, ask how and where trucks are maintained – and how often. Avoid doing business with any company that does not take care of its trucks. If a truck carrying your products is in a Florida car accident, you could be named as a defendant in any Florida personal injury or wrongful death suit that arose from the accident.

5) Get the best insurance you can buy. If your company owns its own trucks, get the best liability protection you can to protect your business in the event of an accident. If you use a trucking company, get general liability protection and ask your insurance agent whether you are covered in case a truck carrying your goods is in an accident.