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Avoiding Fort Lauderdale Burn Injuries During the Last Days of Grilling Season

Even in Florida, where temperatures are mild enough to allow outdoor cooking for much of the year, this is often the peak time of year for grilling and barbecuing. More people are enjoying summer holidays during these months and for many people Labor Day represents the final chance to throw a barbecue party before school starts and the summer ends. Unfortunately, grilling results in emergency room visits each Labor Day. To keep your party safe and to prevent a Fort Lauderdale burn injury, consider these tips:

1) Avoid mixing grilling with alcohol. While barbecue and beer often seem like a classic combination, grilling while you are drinking can make you prone to accidents. Alcohol is also flammable, so spilling drinks can cause a dangerous flare-up. Finally, if you do decide to serve alcohol, make sure that you prevent a Fort Lauderdale drunk driving accident by refusing to let your guests drive drunk. Call cabs for guests or arrange a spot for them to sleep over.

2) Set up the barbecue area far from the house and from flammable areas. Keep the barbecue well away from wooden decks and patios and well away from curtains or any outdoor garden furniture. Setting up near a driveway or garage is also problematic, since there may be spilled gasoline there. The safest spot is a relatively sheltered area on stone, concrete or asphalt surfaces.

3) Never leave the barbecue unattended. This is especially important if there are children or pets at your party. Once the party is over, you should be keeping an eye on the barbecue until it is completely cooled down.

4) Do not pour flammable materials directly on the barbecue. Use the minimum amount of lighter fluid you need.

5) Have a fire extinguisher handy. You can prevent many types of Fort Lauderdale personal injuries simply by being prepared. If you are cooking with briquettes and not propane you can use water or sand instead as long as you do not use lighter fluid.

6) Store barbecue lighters, matches, and sharp barbecue implements well away from small children.

7) Be especially careful where and how you store propane tanks. You can check propane tanks for leaks by painting the outside surface with soapy water – if bubbles form, there is a leak. Always store propane tanks well away from flammable materials and combustible materials. Store them in cool, dry conditions and check regularly for leaks.

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