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Back Injuries in Florida Nursing Homes

Back injuries happen in Hollywood and Florida nursing homes for a number of reasons, including physical abuse, slip and fall accidents, bed rail incidents, and other causes. If a loved one in a nursing home has sustained a back injury, it’s important to ask questions. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can be debilitating and painful. They can result in loss of quality of life and serious complications.


For seniors, back injuries can be especially troubling. It can take longer for an elderly person to recover from a back injury, especially if they have an underlying condition. In addition, a back injury can lead to pneumonia and other serious concerns and complications. Someone who already has reduced mobility is even more susceptible to bed sores and other complications if their health is further compromised with a back injury.

If a back injury has occurred in a nursing home, seek to have it investigated thoroughly. Ask questions and demand answers. In many cases, nursing homes are not entirely transparent about what has led to an injury. In some cases, they may not know what led to an injury because supervision was lax. In other cases, they may be trying to cover up abuse by another resident or by staff or may be trying to avoid accusations of neglect or negligence. Many homes work quickly to reduce liability, even if an injury was serious and preventable. Working with a Hollywood nursing home attorney can help you get to the bottom of the injury and can help you take appropriate legal action.

Seeking compensation for your elderly loved one is important because it holds nursing homes accountable and ensures justice is served. Unfortunately, some nursing homes will not make changes to quality and safety – unless there is a clear financial research do so, so seeking compensation after a back injury can prompt changes which can help other families and residents. In addition, compensation can help pay for therapy, medical treatment, a move to a better nursing home facility, and more. Your elderly loved one can have the financial support they need to make the best recovery possible.

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