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Brain Injuries After a Miramar Truck Accident

Miramar brain injury victims often sustain their injuries in sport accidents, falls, or in Miramar truck accidents and car accidents. Victims of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries may suffer headache, dizziness, nausea while victims of even more serious brain injuries may suffer memory loss, loss of consciousness, loss of motor functions, and even fatalities. In each case, these injuries occur because the head slams against a hard surface or is shaken inside the skull, causing the soft brain tissue to bounce against the inside of the skull. When this occurs, the brain gets bruised or even severely damages. In a serious Miramar brain injury, there may be extensive tissue damage, bleeding, or swelling.

According to psychiatrist Dr. Shree Bhalerao, however, one issue that is often not explored is the emotional and psychological impact of brain injuries. According to Dr. Bhalerao, the emotional trauma of a serious brain injury is often under-estimated and under-recognized, even though victims can suffer from severe trauma that affects every aspect of their lives for months and even years after their brain injury.

According to some Miramar brain injury patients, a serious brain injury after a truck accident can cause debilitating emotional upset and even serious personality changes. Some Miramar truck accident survivors living with brain injuries may experience anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, impaired thinking, and other symptoms. In rarer cases, Dr. Bhalerao reports, victims may experience psychosis or paranoia. Dr. Bhalerao and other experts have been arguing for more awareness of the issue and more resources for brain injury patients who need help.

The challenge for Miramar truck accident victims who have suffered a head injury is that access to resources may vary widely. Victims and their doctors may not be aware of all the possible risks and challenges that brain injury victims safe. As well, psychological counseling and therapy is expensive, so access to these services varies. In many cases, since the emotional trauma of brain injury has not been widely studied or recognized, counseling and therapy may be seen as an “optional” treatment for Miramar brain injury patients, and may therefore not be covered by medical insurance or car insurance after a truck accident. This is the case even if a Miramar truck accident victim legitimately requires counseling after their accident to recover fully.

For this reason, it is important to consult with a Miramar personal injury attorney if you have suffered a brain injury after a truck accident. A good attorney can offer advice about legal options. In the event that the accident was caused by someone’s negligence or recklessness, the victim can pursue compensation for their injuries. This compensation can help pay for counseling and for other necessary treatment services, ensuring that the victim has the best possible chance of recovery. Even if a victim is not sure they wish to pursue a legal case, speaking with a Miramar personal injury attorney is a good idea. A Florida attorney can help provide an accurate sense of the strength of a case and its value. An experienced attorney can also help a truck accident survivor understand all options and can even help negotiate with insurance carriers.

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