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Burn Injuries – Can an Attorney Help You Heal?

According to Rick Halpert, JD, writing for The Phoenix Society Newsletter, the answer to that question is “yes.” Burn injuries stemming from accidents, fires, workplace accidents, and other traumas can be extremely difficult to bear. Burn injuries can lead to disability, expensive rehabilitation, and even disfigurement. Dealing with the pain and with the appearance of severe burns can have serious emotional impact, according to the Burn Survivor Resource Center. Burn victims may feel isolated, angry, and can even suffer from severe depression as a result of their injuries.

Attorneys can help patients with physical and emotional recovery, according to Halpert. Attorneys can help ensure that patients get the best reconstructive and rehabilitative help possible. While many insurance companies will try to impose limits on the type and level of medical help a patient can receive, a qualified attorney can work to ensure that patients get all the help they need – even help that may be above and beyond a policy.

Attorneys can also be instrumental in helping burn survivors to recover emotionally. Qualified attorneys are sensitive and can help a victim overcome their feelings of fear, anger, and unease. More importantly, an attorney can help a victim get real answers about what happened to cause an accident. By finding who is responsible for a burn injury, an attorney can help the victim find some meaning and closure from a traumatic accident.

Since attorneys are so key in the healing process, burn injury patients may want to hire a qualified attorney as soon as possible after an injury. After all, if an attorney can help in getting the patient better medical care, the sooner the attorney is hired, the more he or she can help in rehabilitation. Hiring an attorney quickly also ensures that the attorney can gather the facts and physical evidence that may disappear over time.

Of course, hiring the right attorney is important. Hiring someone with experience in burn injuries and a good track record of helping burn patients is vital. Only someone who has worked on these cases may be able to appreciate how difficult these cases are for the patient. One good option is to call the LawOoffices of Flaxman and Lopez at 1 800 535 2962 (1 800 5 FLAXMAN) for a free consultation to discuss your legal options after a burn injury.