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Can Bluetooth Help Prevent Florida Trucking Accidents?

Now that awareness about the dangers of distracted driving is growing, Bluetooth and many other technology manufacturers are touting hands-free technology as the way to make cell phone calls and even texting safer. Devices designed for drivers read text messages and allow drivers to dictate messages – all while keeping their eyes on the road. While hands-free technology can help prevent a driver from taking their eyes off the road, however, there are many reasons why this technology is not necessarily safer or better at preventing Florida car accidents and truck accidents:

1) Hands-free technology does not help prevent a driver from being absorbed by a conversation. The problem with cell phone calls is not just that the driver has to dial a number. Rather, while a driver is talking on the phone, he or she becomes absorbed in a conversation or discussion, and this causes less focus on the road. This will not be prevented by hands-free phones.

2) Hands-free technology can affect what a driver hears. A truck driver using Bluetooth or other hands-free technology is often wearing a device that can affect their ability to hear. This can allow drivers to miss important auditory clues – which can easily lead to a Florida pedestrian accident or other terrific accident.

3) Bluetooth still means emotions. Drivers who are talking – whether hands-free or using a device – get emotionally charged while chatting. The link between strong emotion and distracted driving is well established. The more emotional a driver is, the less focused he or she is on the road. For a commercial truck driver, this means less control over a vehicle that could weigh 80 000 pounds or more.

4) Hands-free technology is often not hands-free. There are still buttons, wires, and devices to adjust. If a truck driver does not pull over to adjust settings, the result could still be a Florida truck accident.

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