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Caregivers Can Help Reduce Florida Elder Abuse

In many cases, Florida elder abuse is caused by caregivers. In some cases, stress or other problems cause a caregiver to not provide the level of care and elder person may require. There are fortunately many things that families and caregivers alike can do to help reduce elder abuse from ever happening. This is especially important in cases where an elderly person needs a caregiver because they cannot care for themselves. If an elderly person cannot care for themselves, an abusive or neglectful caregiver can allow an elderly person to slip and fall or to sustain life-threatening personal injuries.

One thing that families can do is to ensure that caregivers are well selected. If a professional caregiver or medical professional is needed to take care of an elderly loved one, a background check should be run to ensure that the person is qualified and has a good record of taking care of elderly people. Family and concerned friends should stay involved in the elderly person’s care, dropping by frequently and keeping communication good with the caregiver. That way, any signs of stress or distress on either the part of the caregiver or the elderly person can be duly noted and family can react before elder abuse becomes a problem.

Caregivers and family members themselves can help prevent elderly abuse by making sure that they do not have any of the factors that can lead to an abusive relationship. Caregivers who fear that they will become violent and caregivers who have low self-esteem are at greater risk of committing elder abuse. Caregivers who don’t have enough support or help from others or those who view care giving as a type of burden may also be more like to act in a less than loving way.

Caregivers who feel trapped by taking care of elderly family members as well as other family members can also be at risk. Anyone who’s providing care giving services will also want to make sure that they are not experiencing depression, anxiety, or symptoms of feeling burnt out. These can all contribute to abuse. It is also important is that the caregiver resolve any previous anger or bad relationship with the elderly person before taking care of that person. Old problems may resurface in an abusive way when an older person becomes dependent on the caregiver.

Is caregivers notice any of these possible problems, they can help prevent elder abuse by getting help. Using support groups, an adult day care, home delivered meals, additional support care, and other services can help reduce the stress that comes with care giving. This can be crucial in preventing abuse. Caregivers can also keep a journal to recognize triggers, or those things which cause them anxiety and stress. Avoiding these triggers can help prevent potentially explosive situations.

Caregivers and family members also need to ensure that they take care of themselves. Good nutrition, relaxation, and good exercise can help caregivers have the strength and resources to take care of elderly loved ones without stress. Those caregivers who have a hard time taking care of themselves may wish to hire attendants, homemakers, support workers, or other assistants to help them. If money is a factor, public assistance is available for caregivers.