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Carer Fatigue and Miami Elder Abuse and Neglect

Carers who cater to the elderly can include friends and family who take care of the elderly as well as professional staff at nursing homes and car facilities. Carers are on the front lines, offering support for the elderly and providing a range of services, from driving the elderly to appointments to helping with feeding, cooking, washing, and everyday tasks. With the increase in awareness about Miami elder abuse and neglect, however, it is time to take a closer look at the support available for carers. Many of those who take care of the elderly put in a great deal of effort, but the job is stressful and can lead to problems that can in turn lead to Miami nursing home abuse and neglect as well as elder abuse.

According to a survey conducted by Carers Week, up to 87% of carers suffer from mental health issues as a result of their care work and 83% of carers report that they suffer from physical conditions as a result of their care work. Mental issues resulting from care work can include depression, anger management issues, and other problems. Physical issues can include back pain, injuries on the job, insomnia, and other problems caused by care work. When carers are injured or fall prey to depression and other issues, they are more at risk of unintentionally neglecting their charges. Situations of abuse are also more likely in these situations. As a result, paying attention to the carers in charge of a loved one is a vital first step in ensuring that an elderly loved one gets the care they deserve.

The first step is to consider professional care for an elderly loved one – whether that means a facility or a live-in carer. Those who have professional training usually have training that helps them deal with the pressures and demands of the job. If this is not an option, it is important to ensure that a family or friend offering care to an elderly loved one has the support needed to take care of themselves and their charge. It is important for that person to get breaks and time away from their tasks. Getting multiple friends and family members to help out can take the pressure from one carer and ensure that the primary person to care for an elderly loved one gets the time off they need. A support group or a counselor can also help a carer deal with the stress of the job.

In a care home, nursing home, or facility, it is important to ensure that carers who have day-to-day contact with patients and residents are carefully screened and have the support they need to do a good job. Overworked and stressed workers are a risk for everyone. It is therefore a good idea to ask plenty of questions, such as: What screening process do staff have to undergo? What procedures are in the place in the event of a Miami slip and fall accident or other problem? What type of resources and vacation time is available for staff? What system of checks is in place to uncover and address any instances of Miami elder abuse?

If you believe that an elderly loved one has been victimized by a carer, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange a free consultation to discuss your situation. Under Florida law, you may be eligible for compensation that can help you get your loved one to a safer environment.