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Cars Can Help Prevent Florida Truck Accidents

With Florida car accidents and truck accidents causing fatalities and injuries each day, there has never been a better time to get serious about preventing traffic collisions. There are many ways that drivers can help prevent a serious accident:

1) Check your car. Cars have very different safety ratings and selecting a car with a good rating is a good way to ensure that you can avoid an accident. Cars with good safety ratings may have safety features which can help prevent an accident. As well, safe cars usually have features which can help you prevent injury if you are in a Florida truck accident. If you cannot afford a newer car with a better safety rating, at least ensure correct maintenance of your current vehicle. Ensuring that your brakes, tires, lights, shocks, and wipers are in good condition can ensure that your car is functioning as safely as possible.

2) Use your car correctly. Don’t exceed the maximum amount your car can carry and if you drive a pickup truck, don’t allow anyone to ride in the bed of the truck. Everyone who gets in your car should wear a safety belt – it’s the law in Florida. Children should have age-appropriate child-restraint seats.

3) Learn to drive defensively. If you need refreshers, consider going in for additional driver training. Refresher courses are usually quite affordable and some insurance companies may give you incentives for additional training – call your insurance provider to find out. When out driving, obey rules, use your mirrors, anticipate problems, and obey traffic signs and rules.

4) Take care of yourself. Just as you take care of your car to ensure that it is safe for the road, you need to take good care of yourself to ensure that you are a fit driver. Talk to your pharmacist and doctor about any health conditions you have or about any medications you take (including over-the-counter medications). Some conditions and medications can affect your driving ability. Get adequate rest every night to ensure you that you do not drive fatigued. As well, get your eyesight checked once a year or as needed to ensure that you can see well enough to drive.

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