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Whether you work in a factory or industrial setting or in an office, you face risks for workplace accidents. Of course, the types of injuries you face may be different. In a white-collar position your largest risks may come from slip and fall accidents or repetitive stress injury. If you work in a manufacturing setting around heavy equipment, your largest risk may be crushing injuries, strains, or amputations.


Regardless of the risks you face, all workers can take a few steps to keep themselves safer on the job:

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In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, workers in Hollywood, Miami, and other parts of Southern Florida now face more hazards on the job. In addition to worrying about falls, strains, fractures, and other injuries, employees may now also be concerned about exposure to the new COVID-19 virus.

At Flaxman Law Group, we are closely monitoring the situation and taking steps to keep our staff and our clients and community safe. We are also aware the situation can impact all workers’ safety, a subject we are passionate about. In light of the new situation, there are new considerations for your safety:

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In Homestead and across South Florida, workplace violence and injury is a serious concern. While workplaces can create work-safe policies, install more lighting, and add security systems, workplace violence requires a more proactive approach.


Violence on the job can occur due to disgruntled employees or upset workers. It can happen in any place of work and can occur with little warning. The reasons are complex and can involve a combination of individual employee struggles as well as other factors. Preventing often centers around educating workplaces to spot warning signs so those at risk can get help. Some ideas for preventing violence at your office or workplace include:

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Unfortunately, one of the realities of workplaces today is that they can be the site of violence. Workplace violence and resulting injury can happen anywhere in Homestead and across South Florida.


Preventing Workplace Injuries in Homestead

There are several ways you can prevent injuries and violence in the workplace:

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When many of us picture workplace injuries and accidents in Homestead and other communities, we many picture manufacturing jobs, work enforcement, and other high-risk occupations. In reality, workplace injury can happen in any job site, including seemingly safe office jobs.


If you work in an office, there are several ways you can help prevent injuries in your workplace:

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In today’s economy, many workers In Hollywood and across Florida are taking on side hustle or extra jobs to make extra money. While side hustles are extremely popular, however, they can also lead to workplace injury and even liability, even if your side business is in your own home.


Whether you are consulting or selling products online, taking on a second job can be dangerous for a few reasons:

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Whether you work in an office in Hollywood, at a manufacturing facility anywhere in South Florida, in a transportation where you spend most of your time on the road or in any other kind of workplace, you deserve a safe job site and deserve not to be injured at work. While the specific safety requirements for every type of work can vary widely, there are some safety tips which all workers can use to keep their workplaces safe:


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For real estate agents in Hollywood and other cities, the workplace can be dangerous. There have been instances where real estate agents have been attacked during showings and even killed. This job is dangerous because real estate agents are often in the field, meeting with others and they generally do so alone. In addition, open houses can be a danger because anyone from the community can walk in, and in some cases there may only be no one else present in the house during the showing.


If you are a real estate professional, there are a few steps you can take to stay safer:

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This Labor Day weekend, we celebrate workers and workplaces. This can also be a weekend where you create a few small changes which can have a big impact on your work life by helping you be more productive while also helping you to avoid workplace injuries in your Hollywood or Florida workplace.


These simple changes may help you cut your risk of back injuries, crushing injuries, head injuries, repetitive strain injuries, and other injuries:

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Workplace injuries in Homestead and other Florida communities are a serious concern. They cause everything from pain and suffering to fractures, crushing injuries, head trauma, and many other types of life altering and even fatal injuries. No one goes to work expecting to be injured, but this is still a reality for many employees in South Florida and across the country.


Fortunately, workers can do several things, starting this Labour Day, to reduce their risk of injuries:

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