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While construction workers and other employees working with heavy machinery have high rates of workplace injury, many people are surprised to find office workers in Homestead and other communities also sustain on-the-job injuries with some frequency.


There are several reasons why office work can lead to injuries:

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At this time of year, many workers take on seasonal jobs. In Southern Florida, retail, agricultural, and construction sectors, especially, hire seasonal workers. If you are among those hired at this time of year, do you understand your rights under Homestead and South Florida workers’ compensation rules? Do you know what to do if you are injured on the job?


Seasonal Workers and Workplace Injury

As a worker, including as a seasonal worker, you have the right to be paid for your work and you have the right to a safe workplace. Unfortunately, seasonal workers do tend to have higher rates of injuries when compared with full-time workers working year-round. There are a few reasons for this:

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Retail workers face high rates of injury. Although their jobs do not usually include heavy equipment, in some years the rate of retail worker injuries is on par with the injury rate in the construction industry. Unfortunately, at this time of year, retail workers may be especially at risk.


If you are a retail worker in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida, worker injuries are a real concern at this time of year for a few reasons. Retail workers during the holidays are often hired as seasonal workers, and this may mean they are less used to the hazards of the workplace. Since this is the busiest season for retail, workers may also be more likely to deal with crowds, aggressive shoppers, long hours (leading to on-the-job fatigue), and large stacks of inventory.

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At this time of year, many people in Hollywood and South Florida look for seasonal work to earn extra money in time for the holidays. More jobs open up in the retail and even manufacturing sectors during the holiday rush as more customers shop.


While a seasonal job can mean more money, however, seasonal workers run the risk of serious injury. Unlike full-time workers, seasonal workers may not get a chance to get used to their work environment and may get less training when compared with traditional, full-time employees.

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Nursing homes are staffed with nurses, caretakers, administrators, and other professionals whose job it is to care for elderly patients. These workers train for an extended period of time and hope to make a difference in seniors’ lives by offering them the care family is unable to give.


Unfortunately, workers in nursing homes can face challenging conditions and even dangers. Workplace accidents in Hollywood and Florida nursing homes are not uncommon and they can cause staff to face high medical bills and lost time at work. When that happens, workers’ compensation is meant to offer benefits that can help.

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Every day, workers in Hollywood and across South Florida head to work in order to support their lifestyles, pay their bills, and put aside money for retirement. Employees expect their workplaces to be safe and secure. No one expects to leave for work and never return, but on-the-job accidents and injuries in Hollywood and across South Florida do cause fatalities and serious, permanent injury.


Some industries are known especially for having a high risk of injury. Construction work, factory jobs, truck driving, and other sectors have high risk of injury. However, you don’t have to work with heavy machinery to be at risk. Office workers and others in seemingly “safer” professions suffer serious injury each year due to falls, repetitive strain, and other incidents.

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Nursing home staff face some considerable dangers in Hollywood and South Florida. This is often a challenging job and one with significant risks. Most nursing home staff enter the profession because they wish to be of service and want to make a difference in seniors’ lives. Unfortunately, various types of nursing home staff injuries in Hollywood and South Florida are quite common. These injuries include:


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2018 may be your year for new career possibilities, and you may have a new job or be looking for a new position. A new workplace can be exciting and can put you on the path to greater earnings. However, it can also pose a number of new risks. There may be new hazards in the workplace you may not have carefully considered or if you make an entire career switch, there may be perils you haven’t considered or didn’t have to face at your old job.


Job injuries are a serious concern across all industries. Construction site accidents in Hollywood are too common, but so are office injuries, and injuries in other injuries, even in industries that seem deceptively safe. Here’s how to make sure your career plans aren’t derailed this year by an unexpected injury:

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On the surface, office jobs in Hollywood and South Florida seem much safer than many other workplace options. There is no heavy machinery, the way there might be in an industrial environment. There aren’t the risks associated with construction or forestry work. Despite this, office workers in Hollywood and across Florida do face hazards in the workplace and each year workers in these seemingly “safe” environments end up seriously injured or even killed on the job.


Some of the most common problems in an office environment include repetitive strain injury, musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, vision problems, and lacerations. Common risk factors for office employees include:

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Many teens want after-school jobs to save for college and to be able to afford trips and other “extras.” Parents often encourage a teen’s desire to get a job, since work can build a strong work ethic, discipline, and responsibility. It can look good on college applications and resumes and even let students get a head start on a future career.


While there are many benefits to part-time work, there are risks, too. Young people have a higher-than-average rate of workplace injuries in Hollywood and across the nation. When your child is looking for work, whether they are considering an office job or babysitting, you need to consider safety first.

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