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Challenges in 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

18-wheeler trucks are huge commercial vehicles that can cause many serious personal injuries and a great deal of damage in trucking accidents. The sheer size and force of these trucks makes them a danger in accidents. According to statistics, 5,000 fatalities and 115,000 personal injuries are caused by truck accidents involving 18-wheelers each year. These trucks weigh up to 70 tons when fully loaded, so when a collision occurs between such a vehicle and a passenger vehicle, fatalities and serious injuries are almost always the result.

Claims and legal issues surrounding 18-wheeler trucks can also be quite complicated. For this reason, it is often a good idea to get legal advice from a Florida attorney soon after any accident involving an 18-wheeler truck. There are many reasons why accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks present special challenges:

1) These trucks are often owned by out-of-state companies. This can complicate legal issues and can make it harder to establish jurisdiction in some cases, especially as rules vary from state to state.

2) Important evidence may disappear after an accident. 18-wheeler trucks cause serious damage after an accident. For example, such trucks can cause serious fires. In addition to posing a risk of burn injuries, such fires can damage important evidence important to a case. It is important to contact an attorney immediately. A good Florida attorney can hire private investigators who can uncover and preserve important evidence.

3) Accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks tend to result in serious and long term injuries. In addition to fatalities, such accidents frequently result in chronic pain, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and other serious injuries. Determining the final, life-long costs of such injuries can be difficult and insurance companies often underestimate the total costs required to treat and manage such conditions. A good Florida attorney is needed to safeguard your rights and to ensure that you have the financial resources to correctly cope with any long-term injury.

4) Several insurance sources might be available. Accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks may involve complex liability claims. Such accidents may be caused by a driver, a company, and a truck manufacturer. An injury victim may qualify for help from several insurance providers, but a good attorney must first identify and then contact these insurance carriers.

For all these reasons, it is a good idea to contact a good Florida personal injury attorney soon after any accident involving an 18-wheeler truck or any other vehicle. Attorneys can safeguard your rights and can help ensure that you have the resources to recover as fully as possible from your injuries.