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Challenges Victims Face After Florida Truck Accidents

A Florida car accident, truck accident, or any motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event. When trucks are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the results can be especially devastating, simply due to the destructive force possible with a large commercial truck. However, for many victims, the problems just begin when an accident takes place. In the days, months, and years after an accident, victims may also have to deal with:

1) Questions of blame. In some cases, insurance companies or trucking companies may claim that a victim is partly to blame for a truck accident – even if this is not necessarily the case. If a motorist is unfairly blamed for an accident, they may feel extreme guilt and may face insurance rate increases.

2) Access to care problems. Many serious Florida spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, brain injuries, and other long-term conditions are caused by truck accidents. However, some victims have a hard time finding the resources and medical care they need. Patients may not have the financial resources to cover large medical costs or may not know all their care options. A good Florida personal injury attorney can often help patients find the care their need.

3) Misinformation. Some patients are told that they will not qualify for compensation or a claim unless they sign certain documents right away. Sometimes, this causes a patient to sign away all their rights before they consult with a qualified Florida personal injury lawyer.

4) Emotional upset. Many patients are on a rollercoaster of emotions after a truck accident. They may feel guilty, anxious, angry, depressed, and a host of other strong emotions. Some patients have a hard time returning to normal activities while others experience relationship troubles as a result of the upheaval.

5) Work-related challenges. Some patients cannot return to work after an accident, due to serious injury. For some Florida spinal cord injury and brain injury patients who have suffered in a truck accident, a return to work is impossible because of permanent injuries. Not being able to work often increases anxiety about money and also makes patients feel more upset about their situation.

6) Money worries. Most Florida truck accident victims face income loss and substantial medical bills. Some patients need to refit their homes or pay for expensive on-going treatment to deal with permanent or long-term injuries. Finding the money to pay for all these expenses is often very difficult without a good Florida personal injury attorney. An attorney can help protect you from lowball offers and can help ensure you get a fair settlement that allows you to recover as fully as possible.