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Choosing an Attorney For a Wrongful Death Suit

A wrongful death lawsuit generally stems from a situation in which a family member has been killed by negligence or wrongful conduct. In many cases, wrongful death suits stem from medical malpractice cases, nursing home and elder abuse cases, and from some types of accidents. The decision to pursue legal action is usually very difficult for families and usually these lawsuits occur at a very emotional and challenging time, when a family is still grieving. For these reasons, it is essential to hire the right Florida attorney for your case.

It is important to seek out an attorney with extensive experience and proven success in wrongful death cases. These cases tend to be quite difficult, since families must essentially prove that negligence led to the death and that no reasonable actions were taken to prevent the death. These cases can be time-consuming and can involve intricate details, so a qualified attorney is a must.

When hiring an attorney for your wrongful death suit, keep in mind that investigation will play a large role in the case. Your attorney’s first strategy will be to find out as much about the death as possible. Therefore, you may want to ask what investigative resources your attorney has. Does your attorney work with private investigators? If so, how qualified are they? Does your attorney have a strategy for investigating the case?

Be prepared to offer your help and to share as much information as you have about the death. Keep in mind, too, that many qualified wrongful death attorneys will need good access to medical experts and other experts to conduct their investigation and to have expert witnesses on the stand. You may want to ask your attorney about the medical and other professionals he or she knows who can help with the case.

Many wrongful death suits are settled out of court, before a trial is actually needed. Therefore, your attorney may need better negotiating skills than courtroom skills. Also, keep in mind that your attorney will need to take depositions for your case. Depositions are statements made under oath. Usually, people associated with the wrongful death case will need to give their depositions for the case. You may want to ask your attorney who will be taking care of depositions and how qualified this person is.

Although most wrongful death suits are settled before trial, it is a good idea to select an attorney with trial experience. In the event that your case is one of the few that does go to court, you will want a legal professional who can win court cases. Beyond these basic considerations, you will also want to look for an attorney who listens to your concerns and is compassionate. Someone who communicates well with you is also important, as you will want to be kept aware of the status of your case.