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Coconut Creek Pedestrian Accidents May Be Linked in Some Cases to Intoxication

According to The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk pedestrians in 2008 were four times as likely to be in a fatal accident as those who were not intoxicated. In Florida, almost one third of fatal and serious pedestrian accidents in 2010 involved an intoxicated pedestrian. Drinking increases the risk of Coconut Creek pedestrian accidents in a number of ways:

1) Pedestrians who have been drinking cannot evaluate a car’s speed and distance as accurately as someone who is sober. Drinking can make it harder for pedestrians to accurately evaluate risks, including car distance and speed. This can make it harder for intoxicated pedestrians to evaluate when it is safe to cross the street.

2) Pedestrians who are drinking are more likely to make poor choices and judgements. Intoxicated pedestrians may sit down on a curb or even in the road, may fall asleep on road areas, or may step out in between parked cars, increasing the risk of Coconut Creek car accidents. In some cases, intoxicated pedestrians may try to cross the street on a red light or may take other risks which can lead to a Coconut Creek pedestrian accident. Just as drivers are discouraged from drinking and driving, pedestrians should be discouraged from drinking and walking, as some of the same poor choices that affect drivers can affect pedestrians as well.

3) Pedestrians who have been drinking may have poor motor skills. Pedestrians who have been drinking are more likely to fall over or to stumble when attempting to cross roadways. This can cause Coconut Creek slip and fall and trip and fall accidents, and can cause pedestrians to fall in the path of an oncoming car.

4) Pedestrians who have been drinking may have a harder time getting out of a dangerous situation. Intoxicated pedestrians may have a hard time getting out of the way of an oncoming car or generally getting out of the way of hazards in time.

Transportation for America reports that Florida is among the worst states for pedestrian fatalities. Unfortunately, drinking and walking can exacerbate the problem. While getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking can easily lead to Coconut Creek drunk driving accidents, walking home after drinking may not necessarily be a safer option. This is important for people to remember, since to many motorists walking home after drinking can seem like a better idea. Relying on public transportation, friends who can get you home safely, or a taxi may be a safer way to avoid Coconut Creek drunk driving accidents as well as Coconut Creek pedestrian accidents.

If you have been in a Coconut Creek pedestrian accident, contact a qualified personal injury attorney right away to discuss your case and to protect your rights. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case, rights, and future. Florida law does protect you, but you need to have someone on your side who understands the law and is willing to fight aggressively for your rights.