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Common Childhood Injuries

Children and minors spend a lot of time learning, and sometimes that learning includes minor injuries. Children may fall from their bikes or get scrapes and scratches from playing in the yard.

However, many early injuries are serious—and entirely preventable. According to the CDC, about 20 children and teens die, on average, each day due to unintended and largely preventable injuries. In fact, injury is the leading cause of death for children and teens in this country.


Here, we look at the most common childhood injuries, why they happen, and what we can do about them.


Each year, children fall down stairs, off playground equipment, out of windows, and off furniture. This can lead to lacerations, fractures, and even life-threatening head and spinal injuries.

Here’s how falls can be prevented:

  • Install gates at the top of stairs.
  • Secure tall furniture to walls.
  • Keep furniture away from windows.
  • Supervise children closely at all times.
  • Install window guards.


Childhood burns happen when kids touch hot surfaces, fire, hot liquids, or corrosive chemicals. Children’s natural curiosity can lead to them to play with lighters or to approach hot surfaces. Serious burns can not only lead to scarring but can also affect mobility by damaging muscles and tissue under the skin. Here’s how to prevent such injuries:

  • Teach children about the dangers of fire.
  • Keep pot and pan handles angled towards the center of the stove, so children can’t grab the handles.
  • Store corrosive and toxic chemicals in a locked cabinet, high up and away from small children.
  • Keep hot liquid and foods away from children.
  • Always supervise children in the kitchen and whenever fires, grills, or any hot surfaces are nearby.
  • Maintain a working fire detector in the house.


Some household chemicals, include detergents, medication, and cosmetics, are brightly colored and attractive for children. Kids can mistake these items for toys and even candy and play with or ingest them. To prevent poisoning, you will want to:

  • Keep any dangerous item out of reach, preferably in a locked cabinet that is high and out of reach.
  • Teach children about the dangers of eating anything that’s not food.


For young children, especially, choking is a serious hazard. It can happen with food, toys, and any small children. To prevent this dangerous injury, parents can:

  • Always check toys carefully.
  • Make sure children only play with age-appropriate toys.
  • Cut up food into small pieces and supervise very young children while they eat.
  • Get familiar with the Heimlich maneuver.
  • Regularly clean and remove any small objects that can pose a choking hazard.


Pools, lakes, and other bodies of water, which are so abundant in Southern Florida, pose a serious danger for kids. Children are naturally curious about water, and can wander into these areas or even fall into pools. Here’s how to reduce the risk of drowning:

  • Teach children to swim when they’re young, and emphasize water safety.
  • Secure pool areas with a fence and self-locking gate.
  • Always supervise children around water, even shallow “kiddie pools” and bathtubs.
  • Have children wear lifejackets when boating.

Who Is Liable for My Child’s Injury?

If your child has suffered an injury, you may want to determine whether negligence played a role. If it did, you may have a claim and may be able to seek financial recovery for your child’s medical bills and other losses. Pursuing a claim can help you seek resources that can pay for quality care for your child.

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