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Common Workplace Injuries on Florida Construction Sites

Construction workers face many hazards on the job, including falling objects, heights, electrical shocks, and heavy machinery. In fact, construction is considered one of the most dangerous occupations, with one of the highest worker fatality rates.


At Flaxman Law Group, we often work with construction workers who have suffered life-changing workplace injuries. Many come to us because they have a hard time getting their rightful workers’ compensation benefits or compensation for their medical costs and other losses. Our legal team uses our experience to pursue fair compensation for these hard-working plaintiffs.

What Are Common Injuries Construction Workers in Florida Face?

Some of the most common workplace injuries on Florida construction sites are:

  • Falls. These can occur when workers fall from elevated surfaces, such as scaffolds, ladders, or roofers or trip over debris, cords, or other objects. Spills in the workplace can also lead to falls. Falls can result in broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage, or even fatalities.
  • Being struck by objects. Workers can be struck by tools, materials, equipment, metal fragments, nails, or other projects that are falling or are in motion. These injuries can cause cuts, bruises, facial injury, broken bones, eye damage, or brain injury.
  • Electrocutions. Workers on construction sites can be exposed to live wires, power lines, lighting, and other electrocution hazards. Electrocutions can cause burns, cardiac arrest, nerve damage, or even death.
  • Being trapped in equipment. Construction workers can get caught in or between moving parts of heavy machinery. They can also be crushed by collapsing equipment, walls, or floors. This can cause amputations, organ damage, or death.
  • Overexertion. Construction workers are often lifting heavy objects, working in extreme temperatures, and performing repetitive motions. All of this can cause overexertion, which can lead to sprains, strains, tears, hernias, heat stroke, and other injuries.

If you’re a Florida construction worker who has been injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system that provides benefits for injured workers, including coverage of medical bills and wage loss replacement. The trouble is that workers’ compensation may not cover all of your losses and there’s no guarantee your claim for benefits will be accepted, even if you’re entitled to compensation.

For all these reasons, you may want to speak to a Florida construction site accident attorney. An experienced attorney can negotiate with insurers and pursue your rightful workers’ comp benefits. An attorney can also tell you whether you have a third-party claim against someone other than your employer who was responsible for your injury. If you do, your lawyer can pursue this case.

At Flaxman Law Group, we have over 60 years of combined experience helping workers suffering from construction injuries. We can investigate your case and identify all the liable parties and sources of recovery. We can also handle the paperwork and negotiations with other parties and are willing defend your rights in court if necessary.

Contact us today for a free case evaluation. Our offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami are here for you.

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