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Consulting with a Personal Injury Attorney in Homestead After a Public Disaster

Any major disaster – whether a natural disaster or manmade – can potentially result in legal action if people are injured or killed. If you have been in a disaster and have been injured, you will want to consult with a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community for a number of reasons:

1) Evidence about the disaster is easiest to secure right away. After a natural disaster or man-made disaster, there are usual many parties involved. There may be an official investigation, multiple insurance investigators on the scene, bystanders, and many more people visiting the scene of the disaster in the days and weeks following the incident. Securing evidence can be more of a challenge.

2) To protect your rights. If you have sustained a head injury in Homestead or your community (or any serious injury) your injury can affect you for years or a lifetime. If you do not protect your rights immediately, you may find that you need to pay for the costs of your injury yourself. Keep in mind that burn injury patients, spinal cord injury patients, and other injured patients in Homestead and other communities may require hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in care over a lifetime. You need to protect your rights to ensure that these costs do not come from your pocket.

3) To join with others in the fight for justice. After a major disaster, class action lawsuit are common. If you decide to seek justice yourself, working with a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community can ensure that you are guided through the legal process.

4) You may be in immediate need. After an accident or disaster, you may need to find a place to live and you may need to replace basic necessities. If your workplace has been damaged as well, you may need to find a new place of employment. You may also face serious injuries that require medical care. A personal injury attorney is usually familiar with local options available for victims and can help you understand what options and resources are available for you. An attorney can also work in a timely fashion to secure fair compensation for you as quickly as possible.

5) Disaster relief may not cover all your costs and expenses. Recovery from any disaster is usually very long. Your home and even workplace may be inaccessible or destroyed. While initially there may be relief and support for injured parties, keep in mind that relief will run out. When this happens, you may still have substantial medical bills and you may still be facing income loss due to your medical situation or due to workplace damage. Compensation can help cover what insurance money and relief does not.

6) Liable parties will work quickly to protect themselves. After a disaster, the companies liable may immediately work with PR professionals and attorneys to deflect responsibility and to reduce financial impact. You deserve to be protected, too, and that often means working with a personal injury attorney.

7) You may have more rights than you realize. In some cases, victims assume that they have no legal rights. They may believe, for example, that if they ignored an evacuation order during a disaster they have no legal recourse if they sustain personal injury in Homestead or their community. If you have been injured, it is still important to consult with a personal injury attorney. You may have legal options you have not considered.

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