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Could Miami Gardens Truck Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving Be on the Increase at This Time of Year?

At this time of year, distracted driving can be a cause of concern — after all, at this time of year many people are especially busy trying to shop, visit family and friends, and take part in all the holiday festivities. Many workplaces are also extra busy during the holiday season, creating extra stress for employees. However, could the extra holiday rush mean more Miami Gardens truck accidents? It is possible for a couple of reasons:

1) The holiday season means more traffic – especially more truck traffic. During the holiday season, stores ramp up their retailing efforts, and this often means more inventory and more trucks required to bring holiday sale items or holiday decor items to stores. At the same time, there’s more traffic on the roads as holiday shoppers travel to stores and travel to holiday parties and events. The increase in traffic can mean more Miami Gardens car accidents and truck accidents on the roads.

2) Truck companies and truck drivers feel the pressure of the holidays too. The holiday season is a busy one for the trucking industry, as more stores demand more inventory in their stores and as more deliveries need to be made as customers order products and mail them to friends and family. The additional busyness can mean that truckers feel more pressure to deliver more products and more deliveries on time. Deadlines can be tighter at this time of year and drivers may feel more pressure to check their messages and work-related phones frequently. They may also feel more pressure to drive quickly and to deliver more in a shorter period of time in order to meet demand. This extra pressure can easily lead to a truck accident in cases where drivers are distracted from driving by the extra holiday rush.

3) The holiday season coincides with the flu season. Unfortunately, this time of year is not only the holiday season but also the flu season. When truck drivers get sick, they may feel pressured to keep driving and keep working in order to meet holiday demand. Having the flu or being sick can be extremely distracting, however, and can easily lead to Miami Gardens traffic accidents.

4) The holiday season can mean new routes for truck drivers. Truck drivers may need to deviate from regular routes during the holiday season in order to deal with new customers, new holiday demands, and new deliveries during the holiday season. Unfamiliar routes can be distracting for truck drivers, as they try to navigate unfamiliar streets and try to keep track of their routes and maps.

5) The holiday season can mean temporary or replacement truck drivers. Many trucking companies hire temporary drivers or seasonal drivers or take on new workers in order to meet holiday demand and in order to replace any drivers who are sick or unable to work due to family responsibilities. Unfortunately, replacement truck drivers may not be familiar with established routes. In addition, truck companies may feel pressure to hire and may do less screening of truck drivers if they feel pressure to hire more drivers during the holiday rush.

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