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Could Trailers on Tractors Be Causing Many Florida Truck Accidents?

According to advocacy groups such as, a major cause of truck accidents is trailer defects. These organizations claim that trailers pose problems for many reasons:

1) There is too little education in teaching drivers how to hook up and load trailers properly. When trailers are incorrectly loaded and attached, they are more likely to cause Florida car accidents and truck accidents, because the trailer can easily become detached, move into other lanes of traffic, or even slide forward and back, causing the driver to lose control.

2) The manufacturers of trailers have voluntary standards rather than set standards. Groups such as want to see firm legislation that would set federal or at least state standards for trailer design and manufacture, ensuring that all trailers on the roads are safe. They feel that such laws could prevent Florida truck accidents and traffic accidents across the country.

3) Large organizations put unsafe trailers out on the road and don’t want to change. According to groups like, companies that rent trailers sometimes have poor safety records but don’t want to put in the money required to fix their fleets. They therefore resist any further legislation that would make them accountable for the truck accidents their fleets cause.

4) Trailers can be homemade. In many states, it is legal to make your own trailer (according to voluntary standards) and then register it at the DMV. In fact, according to and other advocacy groups, these laws have created a brisk trade in stolen trailers. Thieves steal trailers, remove the VIN numbers and sell or register the trailers as “homemade.” Obviously, with any homemade vehicle, issues of safety and safety standards are a concern.

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