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Delivery Truck Accidents in Florida During the Holidays

During the holidays, many employers take on temporary workers to help with the holiday rush. Florida truck drivers who can act as delivery drivers are in especial demand at this time of year. However, more delivery truck drivers on the road, more inexperienced delivery drivers on the road, and more traffic can all increase the risk of Florida pedestrian accidents and truck accidents. Fortunately, there are many things that delivery drivers can do to help reduce the risk of accidents.

1) Park close to the delivery destination and use car headlights to illuminate the area. Good illumination will make the truck more visible and will also illuminate the area, making it safer for the driver. Good lighting from the truck can help prevent slip and fall accidents and other sudden surprises.

2) Avoid going into ill-lit areas or side doors with little pedestrian traffic. Delivery drivers are often the target for thieves, who often assume that drivers and delivery personnel carry cash. Where possible, have your employer place a sign on the truck or the uniform, indicating that you do not carry cash.
3) If approached in the truck, keep your window rolled up at least half-way.

4) When exiting the car, stay alert. Keep looking about you in order to help thwart thieves and others who may be intent on robbery. If you notice anything suspicious, head back to the car.

5) Sign up for driver training if your employer allows it. Driver training allows you to build your driving skills, making you less likely to get involved in a Florida truck accident. Even if you have been driving for many years, delivery truck drivers make frequent stops, head into unfamiliar areas, and deal with other driving conditions that make a brush-up course a good idea.

6) Keep your truck or car in good working condition. If you use your own car or truck for deliveries, keep in good condition. When your vehicle works correctly, you are less likely to be involved in a Florida car accident and are more likely to survive if you are in an accident. Pay close attention to your tires, windshield wipers, engine, brakes, and seatbelts.

7) Avoid becoming distracted while driving. Avoid using your mobile device or checking a map as you drive – this can be fatal, especially if you are driving in an area where you are not familiar with your surroundings. Pull over to make or take calls and check your route before you start to drive so that you can keep your full attention on the road.

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