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Devices that Can Help Prevent Truck Accidents

There are many devices and safety features that can be added to a truck in order to help prevent car-truck accidents and trucking accidents. Whether you are a company owner looking to outfit your fleet or a truck driver buying your own truck, here are some features that can help prevent a truck accident and the injuries it can cause:

1) Seat belts. Seat belts, of course, are required by law and come standard with all trucks. However, they need to be used to be effective. If you are buying a used truck, ensure that the seat belts work properly. They are the most basic device used to help prevent brain injuries and other serious injuries in an accident. Some trucks come with “reminder” bells that chime if someone in the cab is not wearing a seatbelt. This can be very handy for reminding drivers about the importance of seat belts.

2) GPS devices. GPS devices can help drivers avoid distractions. Good GPS systems are accurate and include voice instructions, so that drivers do not have to look at the device map itself. Since delivery drivers are often sent to unfamiliar locations, a good GPS system is crucial for directing drivers safely and with minimal distractions to their location.

3) Back view devices. Some GPS systems come with a special “rear view” feature which allows drivers to see what is behind them when they are backing up. This is invaluable, since it helps prevent pedestrian accidents and other tragedies caused by a driver’s blind spot.

4) Alarms. Alarms on a truck can notify pedestrians and other drivers when a truck is backing up. This is essential in helping to prevent workplace and pedestrian accidents.

5) A brake transmission shift interlock device. Industry regulators and the National Transportation Safety Board are considering making these devices mandatory, as they might prevent accidents caused by drivers hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes. These devices can reduce trucking accidents caused by driver error.